This 2019 was full of exciting and revealing events. Check out the following top 10 that took place this year.

5 Ways to Maximize your Event Space

Discover how to maximize the use of the overlooked space in your venue or hotels. Whether they are lonely corners, solitary lobbies or long halls, with these tips you will utilize your space while surprising your guests along the way. 

roof top with polo tables

Top Buffets in Asia

Whether you are planning your next trip to the world’s largest continent or whether you live in the area you are going to want to check these out. Not only will you find delicious foods but you will emerge in authentic tastes and flavors. These buffet restaurants offer unique venues such as rotating top floors, bottomless champagne on Saturdays, the most diverse sushi selection and more! 


asian food buffet


NRA Chicago 2019

Every year Chicago hosts the National Restaurant Association event which brings together thousands of F&B and Hospitality professionals and experts. Everyone from the exhibitors to the attendees enjoy a great environment where the latest technologies, tastiest ingredients and colorful booths are presented. Check out what went on in 2019 and what’s to come in May 2020. 



The Hottest New Hotel Openings of Fall 2019

The must-go hotels and resorts that will inspire you to keep wanting to return. Hotels keep stepping up their game in aesthetics, service, cutting edge technologies, food, and more. Check out all the cool spots that opened up in 2019 around the world. Some of these perfect getaways might join your bucket list for your next family vacation, solo or romantic trip. 


hotel in hawaii

5 Tips to Transform your Buffet Tables

Having stations that are multifunctional is the best way to set up a venue. While you set up a breakfast buffet and later need to get it ready for lunch with Modular furniture and some small changes you can have it ready in seconds. Using different quick covers, adding shelves, and more. Put your creativity and functionality to play! 


day and night stations


Banquet Wedding Trends 2020

Weddings are the most memorable days in one’s life and the event should reflect that. Here we summarize for you the top wedding trends jumping into 2020. All from more intimate venues to take home gifts, different food styling and more. We want to make sure this day is not only one to remember for the groom, bride, and family but also for everyone that attends it. 


wedding venue

Live Cooking Stations

Taking conventional buffets and adding live cooking stations is the future in F&B. By adding a culinary experience to your existing buffet set up you will drive customer interaction, create excitement and chefs will be able to show off their skills. Create memorable experiences for your guests while staying trendy. 


live cooking

How to Save Water in Your Hotel for 2020

Making your facilities and hotels more sustainable is the way to go! By adding simple water-saving techniques in your hotel rooms you will be the benefits in the long run. Taking care of the planet is more than ever a pressing matter and by slowly migrating to water reducing techniques, reducing waste and linenless furniture you will be taking a step in the right direction. Read about some actions you can take now!


round linenless creative Mogogo table

Mogogo’s 5 Quick Cover Tips 

Find out why the Mogogo Quick Covers are a great accessory for all your buffet setups. Discover their functional and aesthetic functions. Mogogo’s add-ons serve more than just decorative purposes, they are there to enhance the overall Modular experience and Quick Covers are a prime example of just that, read on to discover more! 

patterns using quick covers

2019 Food Trends

Four trends that your business needs to try in order to stay current and competitive. The food industry is always changing and extremely fast-paced and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Everything from healthier choices and fresh ingredients to making restaurants more eco-friendly. Check it out!


food trends using spices