Why not enjoy great food while also discovering some of the most famous and fun concept restaurants in London. While you are a tourist in this beautiful city or a local there are must-go spots you should not miss out on. Not only are they trendy and delicious but their timeless styles and creativity have placed them on top of the pyramid for the most complete dining experiences. Push your boundaries of a conventional meal by going beyond the boundaries of taste and style.

Coal Office

Also known as the “food playground” since everyone from the chefs, waiters and guests take an active role in the preparation of the dishes this is a must-see. A diverse dining experience with two outdoor terraces, bars, a bakery, a dining counter and private seating for events. Through the three floors, you interact with all staff and witness entirely different experiences. Everything from its unique concept and design to the dynamic venue will keep you wanting to return. The food is a Middle Eastern European fusion that offers all three meals of the day plus special brunch on the weekends.   

coal and office restaurant


If you are looking for a unique dining experience this is the place for you. Everything from edgy circus decor, acrobatics, a large selection of cocktails and an attentive staff this will be a night to remember. Whether you are looking to attend an unconventional brunch with friends or host an eccentric Christmas work party this is your spot. The late-night show includes aerialists, contortionists, hand balancers and more. A delicious Pan-Asian cuisine designated for sharing, enjoy the overall experience at this unique venue. 

Circus restaurant


A true trip for your palate. An innovative cuisine based on West African ingredients combined with a warm and welcoming ambiance. A rich and bold combination of umami flavors and the addition of smoky peppercorn, eucalyptus and more. True authenticity from the moment you walk in. The drinks are closely paired with the food to complement tastes yet accentuate flavors. The bar is also the perfect place for a small snack or pre-dinner drinks.

Ikoy restaurant


Known for amazing food presentation and decorations this quirky 18th-century townhouse who serves tea by day and cocktails by night is a must go. With four different dining room experiences, this extravagant and luscious lounge is the perfect place for an intimate celebration such as an anniversary or birthday. People even mention that the toilet is beautiful and unique, check it out for yourself!

Sketch restaurant


Explore the true meaning of exotic when walking through these doors. Archipielago welcomes you to a sensory dining journey with flavors from all over the world. This hallmark of exotic dishes is your portal to the unknown world of textures, flavors, and colors. Try dishes such as crocodile, python, and kangaroo while also enjoying a vast array of vegetarian options. This restaurant is the perfect place when feeling adventurous. Perfect for any kind of celebration or a romantic night out. 

Archipelago restaurant

Dans Le Noir?

The true sensory experience when a conventional meal takes a twist by eating in complete darkness. Yes, as in pitch dark, black. This unique opportunity to put your taste buds to the test is a creative and unexpected way to truly feel and taste the flavors while not being able to see them. This dinner or lunch experience allows you to re-evaluate your perception of taste. Additionally, they offer convivial workshops of delicatessen and wine tasting and it offers kid-friendly options as well. An epic concept for an even more epic experience, you must try it for yourself. 

Dans Le Noir restaurant


Full of color, exuberance and joy, Sarastro brings carnival to life with its delightful dining scene. A world of drama and excitement awaits you behind those closed doors. Everything from live music spectacles, beautiful golden decorations, and an excellent assorted menu this is a place you will want to visit. A vibrant and brilliant atmosphere ideal for birthday celebrations or just a fun night out with friends and family. 

Sarastro restaurant

Duck and Waffle

Talk about dinner with a view. This on-point British cuisine has the ultimate dining view while sitting 40 floors above the ground. Try some of the most iconic dishes with a playful touch. It emphasizes eating local, rustic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. This vibrant restaurant offers a number of eccentric cocktails as well as “all-day” dining serving from sunrises to sunsets. 

Duck and Waffle restaurant

Bunga Bunga Battersea

An epic Italian restaurant like no other. Everything from finger-licking antipasti and pasta to signature meter-long pizzas. Also, the ultimate karaoke hotspot as every day is a party. Step up to the plate, secretly nominate a friend or get your whole gang up there. Also, one of the most legendary brunch menus with a lot of options and cocktails. Host your private party in their “Club Bunga” or check it out every Friday or Saturday to dance the night away. 

Bunga Bunga restaurant

Sushi Samba

A tri culture coalition between Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. These flavor mixes inspired from the early 20th century Japanese emigrants that traveled to South America and created a fusion between their cuisine and the new cultures. The richness in background and history makes the SushiSamba experience unique. This spot celebrates the beautiful mix between textures and colors. You can enjoy a robust menu that includes everything from tempura sushi to Brazilian churrasco. It’s all you can think of when exposing your palate to intricate and delicious flavors. 

Sushi Sumba restaurant