Buffet restaurants are great not only for the favorable amounts of food but also for the different environments and foods one can find. Next time you visit Asia or you happen to live in the area and are thinking of trying something different we recommend you to pay a visit to these not only delicious but greatly located spots. Everything from local and authentic flavors to exclusive champagne brunch deals. It is perfect for a solo or family trip as these are ready to accommodate all tastes and styles. 

1. Saffron- Dubai, UAE

The Saffron buffet

With more than 220 different dish options the Saffron stands as one of the most delightful and delicious spots in Dubai. Located in the Atlantis, a top-notch hotel, enjoy amazing food, views and flavored-packed meals. What makes this more than a buffet is their 20 live cooking stations, let yourself get spoiled by top Asian food made just for you with the most authentic flavors and textures. All fresh and made exactly how you like it. The spectacle does not end there, enjoy an exclusive 21+ Friday afternoon brunch with unlimited food, alcohol, music and more. This a must-go place while visiting Dubai! 

2. Melt Café- Marina Square, Singapore

Melt Cafe Buffet

Experience the world without having to leave Singapore! A very sophisticated buffet that has an all-day dining service with foods from all over the globe. So whether you want a late breakfast or an early dinner you can count on this buffet to always be up for it. A perfect mix of flavors where world cuisines mingle to create the ultimate experience. Delight yourself with exquisite cuisine while also enjoy a sophisticated, contemporary and stylish decor. The main room has extensive natural light which allows for a welcoming ambiance while making you feel right at home with all the flavors one can crave. So don’t miss out on this international delight.

3. Vikings- Manila, Philippines

Vikings buffet

The name says it all, feast and enjoy as a true Viking from the second you walk in. Greeted by the friendliest staff have a great time with good company and even tastier food. The ideal place for birthdays or special occasions this buffet really steps it up when it comes to making you feel at home and very well taken care of. Enjoy delicious foods; everything from sushi, steak, grilled fish a lot of desserts and more. Prepare yourself for a fun and enjoyable atmosphere that will let you wanting to come back every time you are in town. 

4. The CafeJakarta, Indonesia

The Cafe buffet

Located in the heart of Jakarta, this 24-hour buffet place is your food ally! No matter the time of day (or night) you decide to stop by enjoying delicious food, great service and a beautiful venue to remember. Challenge and satisfy your palate with multiple flavors and colors. While enjoying your meal they have the “children’s corner” where professionals supervise your children and allow them for a great time while the parents enjoy their meal. The kids will make friends, eat and have a memorable time while parents are able to rejoice while the kids do the same.

5. The Line- Orange Grove Road, Singapore

The Line buffet

Located in the Shangri-La Hotel, a luxurious spot that outstandingly holds some of the most beautifully decorated restaurants. The Line is their international buffet. Acclaimed as one of the best in Singapore, enjoy freshly prepared meals, seafood and a wide range of wines and cocktails.They also have Tandoori Ovens which allow for authentic flavors to pop. Also, enjoy the best quality Dim Sum and the sweetest desserts such as crepe cakes, ice cream, pastries and more. Make sure to always book in advance as this exclusive venue fills up fast. Next time you are in Singapore treat yourself to a King’s meal.

6. 360° Café-  Macau, Macao 

360 degrees buffet

Enjoy a one of a kind experience in Macau’s highest and only 360° revolving restaurant.  A one of a kind fusion between Portuguese and Indian dishes alongside exquisite seafood. Dare to try it all while having a true gastronomic feast. Whether you decide to stop by for the main meal or an afternoon snack the 360° Café got you covered. Stop by to see the sunset and the cotton candy skies while enjoying warm tea and raspberry swirled cheesecake. So next time you are in Macau book your table and get ready for a truly international feast with a view. 

7. DELHI O’ DELHI- New Delhi, India

delhi delhi buffet

A warm and cozy venue with a classical Indian themed buffet. The best way to experience India’s capital cuisine diversity. Both locals and tourists enjoy the authenticity of the place due to its flavors, service, and inviting feeling. The atmosphere is described as warm and comfortable while it pays justice to this amazing cultural cuisine. 

8. The Sky- Tokyo, Japan


The Sky buffet

Originally just a lounge in the New Otani when it opened in 1964 this panoramic top floor venue decided to explore the possibility of a buffet-style restaurant. It went from an afternoon drinking spot to that and more. Guests and locals enjoy the most exclusive and high-quality food including an array of Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes. This exclusive spot in Tokyo offers the whole dining experience, from delicious food and drinks to the most delicate and exquisite desserts. Some of the house favorites are the sushi tempura, teppanyaki, freshly prepared spectacle, and the New Otani’s prided homemade roast beef. 

9. Amaya Food Gallery- Bangkok, Thailand

Amaya Food Gallery

The name explains why people attend this buffet for way more than just the food experience. Thi beautifully and tastefully decorated venue has more than just a lavish look to it. Its indoor version of an outdoor food market captures the energetic vibe that goes on on the streets. Inspired by all the local flavors and array of foods and cooks this well-known food gallery hosts some of the most prestigious international visitors while being one of the locals’ favorite spots. Get ready to be inspired, connected and versed with this unique place for every meal of the day.

10. Nineteen- Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Nineteen Buffet

The flagship restaurant at the Caravelle Hotel has grown in great reputation within the town. If you are looking for a least touristy spot yet luxurious and exclusive one this is for you. With an unparalleled 5-star seafood buffet like no other, that is all fished freshly that day enjoy the best quality produce in town. The breakfast includes all the yummy treats we all love and crave such as omelet bars and waffles with all the toppings. Additionally enjoy options such as unlimited champagne, cocktails, and wine for an additional cost and Sunday Brunch which includes mojitos and mimosas. 


There you have it the top 10 buffets in Asia that you are not going to want to miss! 

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