When it comes to design and functionality Mogogo’s got you covered (no pun intended!) We present you with 5 highly useful tips on why to implement quick covers on your stations. By exemplifying the linenless value these quick covers are easily assembled, washable and very stylish when it comes to dressing up your stations.  

someone putting quick cover

Hidden Storage

The most functional reason why quick covers make a huge difference when used is hidden storage. When you have a bar, food serving, cocktail station or anything in between naturally you need a place to store bottles, plates, dirty dishes, things you ran out of, etc. The quick covers give you the perfect way to keep your station looking great while hiding all you don’t want your guests to see. You can easily cover only one or all shelf spaces in your station to transform open space into a private storage room. 


Mogogo’s Quick covers can also be used for the service carts. When it comes to room service or food serving cart, you’ll find very useful for storing dirty plates while transporting it back to the kitchen.

Patterns & Design

When it comes to style and design creativity is important. The quick covers allow for different patterns to be created in large configurations such as the round buffet table and the cocktail station. By playing with covered and uncovered shelves you can create a different pattern of color and decoration. This allows for uniqueness and it has a great impact on the overall look of the station. Furthermore, it boosts its functionality purposes. 

quick cover on stations

Some pattern ideas include checkered and crisscross. 

pattern quick cover

Different Vibes

With a wide variety of colors available you can transform your venue from morning brunch to an evening cocktail party. The same stations and configurations can stay in place all you need to do is change the quick covers’ colors. Use the golden-brown for a baby shower and quickly suit it up for a business mixer with the jungle-green or charcoal-black.  Also, by using them on different shelf levels you can experiment with dimension and style. 

stations with quick covers


The quick covers hold opportunities for branding. In case you have a specific venue design or logo you want displayed the quick covers make that possible. With its customization possibility, you can dress your venue accordingly by just adding quick covers on the stations or carts as you see fit. You will not only save yourself time in decorating but your stations will always be up for the occasion.  

customized quick cover


New Feature 360° 

Mogogo’s newest feature includes wrapping your entire station in quick covers to give it a 360° cover. Create what we call an “island station” in the middle of the room with a clean image from all four angles. The 360° covers’ gives your station personality on one hand, and on the other hand, you could easily use it as hidden space for any silverware, plates, etc 

Quick covers are a fantastic addition to all your buffets, bars and service carts. Allow functionality and design to create the perfect setup for all your events. Have at hand storage space, clean designs and the ability to transform a room from Saturday brunch to dinner buffet in just seconds. Put your creativity to the test with all the colors and sleek outlines.