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Our panels are made from quality high-density bamboo and covered with UV lacquer.

Yes, casters can be added to most of our products and are sold separately.

With a damp cloth and a generic wood-cleaning product such as Panel & Cabinet Polish Aerosol by Weiman Products.

With a damp cloth and a cleaning product or with SS Wipes by Weiman Products.

Bamboo is durable and visually appealing. It looks similar to solid wood, but has the added benefit of being a sustainable resource.

No, it is not a whole year out door product, but it can be used outside for an event and we do have an available outdoor cover (LC002).

Yes, we have designated carts for our stations.

Yes, you can replace every part both separately and easily.

Sure, you can think of our system as a set of Legos for F&B, where you can either buy a preconfigured set, or assemble one based on your imagination. If you would like to preview how your idea will look, you can get in touch with us and we will assist you with this.

Generally Bamboo has a 24m warranty against breakage and Stainless has a 12m warranty against breakage. For a detailed warranty, please contact us at Mogogo.

It depends on the size of the order, but generally between 2-6 weeks.

Certain parts can be customized, such as our custom printed Quick-Covers, but the system is so flexible to start with that there is no need to customize it.

In large projects Mogogo can supply the bamboo in different colors.

On the Large Classic: without Casters 440lb / 200kg and with Casters: 330lb / 150kg (max load in spared weight).

 All of the Mogogo products have assembly instruction, which you can find in the Product page.

 The Small Ice Bin does not have a drain, but the Large Ice Bin does have one.

It comes with 1 and you can add up to 3.

Please refer to our map to find a showroom near you, or contact our US Brand Manager Mike Hewitt by email [email protected] or by phone 714.473.2467 to request details for our additional installation locations.

The weight capacity for 1x caster is 125kg.
The weight capacity for 1x Bamboo Panel is 100kg.
The maximum weight capacity for the Roll’n service cart (SC103) is 300kg.