Mogogo was born out of a passion for cooking and design. After 20 years in the events field, a Le Cordon Blue chef and an industrial designer teamed up to create something no one else in the industry had: buffet stations & banquet furniture that combine the very best of both design and functionality. With this combination, the team realized that they could solve the challenges of chefs and F&B professionals everywhere. This collaboration between Chef Moti Ben-Aharon and Designer Yariv Kadosh began in 2009. The pair decided to name their brand mogogo, based on a type of communal oven used in northeast Africa. This oven symbolizes the ancient rituals of communal eating – something that is still very much at the core of our society for every important occasion.

Today, mogogo is led by designers and chefs that understand the importance of design and a great user experience. We identify the challenges of our customers and make it our personal mission to provide the highest quality products as a solution to their needs. At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to create a magnificent and a truly exceptional experience and to do so in a generous way.

Yariv Kadosh


Yariv is a passionate entrepreneur who comes from the field of product development. Today he manages Mogogo and leads the creative team bringing wisdom and experience from his 20-year international career in Industrial Design. In his free time he is a world explorer and personal chef to his wife.

Moti Ben Aharon


Moti brings his valuable and unique perspective to Mogogo based on the experience of his previous and additional positions. Outside of Mogogo, Moti is also the CEO of the Taste & Color Group in the catering industry, and has a deep knowledge of food service operations as a result of his rich background as a Head Chef. Moti enjoys fashion & fine dining aka: “living the good life”.

Roni Meir


Roni joined our team with an already strong background in Industrial and Graphic Design. At Mogogo, she oversees different aspects of the design and the overall look of the brand. Every detail goes through a “Roni Filter” and gets finalized to perfection. She likes nature and super spicy cuisine.

Son Tang Thai


Son, or as we like to call him, “Super-son”, firmly manages production in R&D. He orchestrates all manufacturing processes, while keeping the moral high with his big, warm smile. Son is a master in problem solving and ping-pong Jedi.

Mogogo products provide environmental and economic benefits while protecting the environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal, by using ecological bamboo to minimizing cargo space we do our best to overlook the whole life cycle of our products. Sustainability

When versatile functionality meets high design, we can deliver an exceptional line of products which will adapt to any event. This is an integral part of our philosophy and mission here at Mogogo.

At the heart of our design intentions lies sustainability. Beyond the use of sustainable materials such as bamboo, what truly extends the life of our product is that every part may be bought separately.The modularity of our system allows for different configurations and a limitless array of options. We understand the business from the inside, this is why we anticipated our customers’ needs and provided both functional and aesthetic add-ons. Mogogo offers a variety of add-ons such as signpost, arch, canopy, sneeze guards to help our customers satisfy their needs and adapt to any challenge they might face. Therefore, our modular products are easily customizable and allows for high mobility, with durable yet elegant casters for easy transportation. One of our most important feature is the fact that our products are linenless. This reveals a beautiful modern and clean look while saving money and energy, which have become a growing priority within the industry. A true revolution in F&B product design, Mogogo delivers on our promise of versatility, adaptability and high-end design.

In addition to our Augmented Reality tools, we offer our customers first hand support and consultation in determining their specific needs as well as creating both the 2D and 3D layouts and presentations. 

The Mogogo Modular System can be used to create an endless number of configurations out of only a few components. With our in depth grasp of the system, we can help maximize your space and improve its operation.

Our experienced team on the ground are prepared to walk you through each  step and simplify the communication with the Mogogo in-house design team in order to speed up the process and get the visual in a short time-frame.

Please touch base with us for more details – the process is free and requires no commitment.

Adding the mogogo tables to our collection was a huge upgrade. After being open for 6 years, we really wanted to offer something new and exciting to our new guests but to our repeat clients as well. The mogogo tables have offered an upgraded look to our buffet set up. We have started using the tables not only for buffets but for food stations as well as bars. We are excited about the growing opportunities that the mogogo tables offer and we look forward to using them on many more events.

Cori Flowers | Director of Food and Beverage

Mogogo Buffet Solutions is the perfect way to incorporate a stylish and elegant look for food and beverage events while also providing flexibility for the operation. The natural, clean and simplistic design allows us to create unique experiences through the food, beverage and décor elements. Because the system is modular it allows for versatility and flexibility to service many different types of events without the cost of purchasing specialized equipment plus eliminates the need for linen so provides real value for the money.

Tracy Cammack | Executive Director of Catering

The mogogo tables are beautiful tables that we use for basically everything. Coffee break, buffets, action stations, you name it. They look amazing and we always get complements on the tables themselves. With a wide variety of attachments, one could get very creative with them.
We are fortunate for the amount of tables received plus the add-ons which we have utilized on a number of occasions. While putting the add-ons is not difficult, it does take a little time to unscrew what is needed to put it on. But the look of the table itself is worth it because they are so versatile.
The only issues we have found with the tables themselves is time to assemble/ disassemble, casters and high top tables. Now it may be in part to our new carpet being very thick or putting too much weight on the tables, but we have gone through a fair amount of casters just because the snap. And the high top tables have become wobbly, no matter how much we tight them, they seem to always be leaning.
Now Bauscher Hepp has been amazing taking action in making sure we get the most out of the tables and replacing parts as we needed them. They make a quality product that looks great and very diverse. I look forward to what new products they come up with in the future.

Banquet Manager HILTON

Mogogo provides a solution to a problem that I have faced my entire career. How to create unique catering and event experiences that are customized, personalized, and at the same time not break the budget. Mogogo delivers this solution in a brilliant way. They have listened to what we as operators need and have been able to deliver a solution that allows us to be creative and at the same time maintain our margins.

Nate Tanner | Vice President Food & Beverage | Pacific Hospitality Group

We love the Mogogo solutions for buffets, bars, and concessions at Longwood Gardens. The equipment is durable, functional and the aesthetics fit in perfectly with our program.
The induction buffet tops are especially great for special events. We look forward to expanding our collection.

Ken Warner | General Manager - Restaurant Associates