In the spirit of Halloween and one finding a costume to transform oneself into something different, we want to provide you with the same analogy regarding our Modular F&B Banquet Tables and rolling service carts. You’ll be glad to know that your Mogogo stations can easily be transformed for different uses with just some quick changes. Here are five concrete ideas to illustrate exactly what we mean.

1. Indoor to Outdoor Vibe

For many kinds of events bringing the outdoors indoors can be a true environment changer, not only for your stations but also for the overall vibe of your venue. It does not only impact the practical use of the station but it’s a way to quickly adapt its design to fit your theme. The ideal element for this transition is the Mogogo canopy. The striped design truly brings the outdoor feel to any station. You can create a very lively buffet for brunch using the canopy and transform it into a more serious cocktail party served dinner by just replacing it with a bar shelf  This is also ideal for market themed buffets with “street food” serving without having an outdoor event. 

indoor to outdoor vibe

2. Buffet Table to Reception

This is a lovely idea from one of our clients. By saving space and time, they used the same long station with the raised shelf that went from a welcome pastry breakfast station to later a customized check-in table for the same guests. The same exact building blocks with the change of direction and adding a charcoal-black quick cover was all it took. These changes created a check-in station with a hidden storage area for any unnecessary paper-work, printers, etc. and a reception shelf for guests in order to sign paperwork. 


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Imagine a buffet table that can transition from breakfast bakery station to a custom registration counter for your guest in minutes. #mogogo #somethingdifferent #forwardthinking #custom

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3. Morning Snacks to Evening Party

Many times mealtimes need quick turnarounds. Mogogo helps you save time and labor by allowing small changes to create completely different stations. The same breakfast stations can instantly become evening party stations. Also, small details such as the arch and the blackboards can be added or removed to change a day event to a later afternoon one. Adding different display shelves can be a nice touch when setting up for an evening party.

day to night


4. Self Serving Buffet to Action Station

This transition is extremely useful when the entire concept of your buffet must change. When you have multiple stations that conform a self-served buffet and want to completely change the concept adding a live cooking station is a great way to do so. By changing the top panels of your existing buffet stations you can transform them into live cooking spectacles. This way you can change a traditional buffet into a unique experience for your guests. 

buffet to action station

5. Room Service to Cocktail Sidekick  

Mogogo’s Roll’n Service Carts are also a great example of versatility and how quick changes can have a big impact. For the classic room-service cart use our border and the ice bucket, that will keep the champagne cold, and any glass bottles, plates, etc. in place. Also, you can add quick covers for further storage space. Additionally, You can create a cocktail rolling buffet cart with a few useful add-ons such as the wine glass holder and towel hanger. 

service carts


So there you have it, five simple ways to transform your stations and rolling service carts into completely different ones with small adjustments. Utilize modularity to its fullest!