With 2020 around the corner new wedding trends continue to emerge and become popular. The way you set up and decorate buffet tables at wedding events continues to be one of the most important parts of the culinary experience. Weddings are the most important day for your clients; your attention to detail should reflect that. While some still enjoy a black-tie atmosphere, we have seen a recent shift of style in wedding receptions. Today, the trend has switched from high end and elegant to outdoors and romantic.

This has encouraged people to come up with unique and fun ideas to give their wedding a more intimate feel. Here are a few new ways to be inspired on how to decorate the event, set top-notch displays and add a touch of uniqueness with the newest 2020 trends. 

served station

Modular at its best

This option is the best way to set up a wedding buffet. While you can set up the main banquet food stations for most of the attendees some of them might have special dietary necessities. For those that are vegan, for example, you can set up smaller mobile buffet stations. This adds flexibility to food presentation and adjusts for size as needed. You can get as creative as you want by adding other mobile buffet stations such as the circular configurations with shelving options. This gives infinite options on how to integrate your food & beverage menu to please all the guests. Additionally, it enables you to complement the wedding theme with a variety of decorating options.

circular mobile station

Micro Weddings

A large wedding with hundreds of guests can be a lot of fun, however in later years, many have opted for a smaller and more intimate wedding. Possibly an outdoor venue with handcrafted decorations and spring flowers. This means that everything from the buffet setups, guests’ tables and adornments will need to fit into a smaller space. By using Snake styled buffet tables you remove sharp corners and make the food a lot more accessible despite the reduced space. Also adding different display tables at different heights throughout the event can help you spread out your guests more evenly. This way you will accommodate for space without sacrificing style. 

snake configuration with food

Make it Green

With the eco-friendly mentality on the rise, offer your clients the option to have a minimal waste wedding. Everything from picking buffet tables made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo to organic decorations disregards the use of plastics and styrofoam. Mogogo’s buffet furniture is composed of a bamboo core and its linenless feature avoids the extra use of tapestry. You will not only expose natural looking finishes that add elegance but will give it a much more natural look. It will save time and water until after the event is over since no extra clothes mean no need for extra costs related to washing and storing, a wipe down is more than enough. Additionally finding outdoor areas that are naturally sunlit and have beautiful planted trees and flowers allows for other monetary savings as well. Also, minimal decorations such as candles, and small potted plants can give an organic and clean look to your event. 

open venue for event

DIY Decorations

Chalkboards are such a fun idea to add to your wedding theme. They are a great tool to personalize and greet your guests to your reception. You can write special buffet stations’ names, use them for directions as well as table numbers. Classic paper menus are out of style, a more dynamic and visible menu will have you saving costs while offering very trendy options. Additionally, smaller table decorations that guests can take home after the wedding are also gaining popularity and these could be a very special detail for all attendees.

gift made by bride for guests

And how about before all your guests leave to thank them for attending with a small gift like a little plant, small homemade soap, and a very special touch could be that each person that chooses to can grab available tin pails can take flowers from the arrangements home. This way they don’t go to waste right after the party is over.  

flower arrangements

Mixology Station

Let your guests be their own bartender! With self-serving stations and mixology carts set up around the venue, you can avoid long lines at the bar while allowing guests to make their own drinks. Have multiple bottles and pitchers already pre-made and let your guests choose from different toppings such as ginger, brown sugar, lemon, etc. and have them customize it. By setting up these fun alcohol stations you will allow for the main bar areas to be less crowded and at the same time have guests themselves spice up their own beverages. 

mixology service cart

Conventional Dessert Tables with a Twist

A wedding can not be complete without dessert. The cutting of the cake plus the multiple small delicacies that are served are just the cherry on top. But display tables with just chocolate, macaroons, and smaller pies are just part of it. Keep the wedding sweet by setting up multiple stations with different options. Wine and cheese with coated nuts, coffee liqueur with caramel crisps, and for the young ones milk and chocolate chip cookies, etc. Infinite possibilities are available when you think outside the box. Keep the classic wedding cake display with all the extra themed ones for that wow effect. 

dessert display


This is the opportunity to incorporate upcoming trends to make their weddings extra special. Everything from more simplistic yet elegant decorations to different themed stations that add personality and intimacy to the event. Keep your event modern, with these 2020 trends.

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