Modular banquet stations

Mogogo’s flagship collection, the Modular System, allows you to use the same components in various ways to create different configurations of products. Our Modular Banquet Stations Line is composed of our Classic and Creative Range, and a large variety of complementary accessories.

Our Classic Range consists of banquet stations and shelves that fit each other seamlessly, functioning as building blocks to the Mogogo System. The classic range is characterized by a sleek linear design, adaptable to both traditional and more modern edgier look.

Our Creative Range comes with a curved design concept. Our creative system is patented and offers unique features based on our vast experience in mass food service operations.

Combine ranges with add-ons in order to offer the perfect customized touch for all of your buffet solution needs. These add-ons are easy to incorporate and provide an edgy look that will stand out. 

Our banquet stations are carefully designed maintaining a delicate balance between high functionality, durability, and mobility; all in perfect symbiosis with high design standards, providing an ideal solution for the Food and Beverage industry.