Commonly known as one-legged tables that are used to stand-alone or as part of a buffet configuration are not only useful but stylish. At Mogogo we have the Polo Tables which is a collection of elegant and delicate tables available in different heights, finishes, and shapes. Whether they are used on its own or added to an existing display they are functional and add vibrancy to your venue. Here are five ways to incorporate the Polo Tables to completely maximize your available event space. 

polo table displays


1. The Buffet Companion 

When setting up a buffet, many times you will need a smaller table that you can add to your existing arrangement for extras, Such extras cutlery, plates, etc. In this case, display tables come in very handy since their slim and sleek design allows them to be placed at the ends or in-between stations. You can seamlessly make the tables part of your buffet set up. The bar and display table will not only fulfill the functional need but will add style to your event’s look. As many of them can be added and later on removed as needed. That way minimal effort is needed to accommodate your venue’s size. 

buffet set up with station and polo display tables

2. The Socialite 

Polo tables are ideal to get the party mood started. Instead of setting them up as display tables with food or drinks they can also make for great mingling bar tables. Spread them throughout your venue and have people gather and socialize. You can also use the bistro table to set up self serve refreshments and drink island stations all over the venue. The display tables are dynamic, easy to assemble and light to move, which makes the set up a breeze. In case tables need to be rearranged or disassembled they can easily adapt to your venue’s space. 

Polo tables mingling set up

3. The Decorative Ally 

Once your buffet is all set you might consider adding some decorative touches. You want to keep it simple yet elegant. You can use the display table which is available in round and square top to adjust to your decorative style and needs.  Also, by adding a segment you can transform your bistro table into a bar table or by removing them you can create a coffee table. All heights are ideal for simplistic decorations such as vases, plants, or an adorning piece of your choice. 

double tier bar table

4. The Lonely Area Filler

For the overlooked empty space, long halls, elevator lobbies or darker corners you can easily brighten them up with the ideal space filler. The Polo Collection offers display tables with various heights and shaped tables that are great tools to fill those spaces in your venue with decorations, refreshments, or ready to go afternoon tea and coffee. 

display on elevator lobby

5. The Welcomer

What’s better than greeting your guests from the second they walk in. Having cold refreshments and snacks as they walk in will have them smiling before they reach the front desk. The display tables allow you to create the perfect set up. You can even use the coffee table to set up a candy and juice station for the younger ones in the family. The different heights and shapes available add dimension and multifunction. Additionally, its linenless feature makes cleaning easy in case of spillage. This allows for a clean and distinguished look that will have your guests speaking wonders from the moment they walk in.

coffee display plus bar table

So here you have it 5 great ways to incorporate The Mogogo Polo Collection next time you are setting up for an event or find yourself with some empty space. Add display tables to complete all your buffet displays, fill up empty halls, welcome guests with refreshments and more.

grey slate squared display table