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The CliX Catering Tables collection is the latest addition to the Mogogo Linenless and Modular family.
Like everything designed by Mogogo, it is both functional and beautiful, all while making the lives of our customers a little bit easier. CliX is inspired by the existing strengths of Mogogo’s modular banquet furniture while further exploring versatility and adaptability. From these two function defining parameters came our patented quick-lock mechanism. One click to attach and one twist to detach, CliX Catering Tables deliver a range of products that is easier to store and assemble.
Available in three different heights as well as three tabletop shapes (round, square and rectangle tabletops), it is our pleasure to introduce CliX to the world, the latest culmination in our quest to produce tools for professionals that combine maximum functionality with a refined design aesthetic.
CliX Catering Tables redefines aesthetical and functional standards in the realm of F&B catering.