A few extra services we offer our costumers

Mogogo’s Modular System is designed to create endless configurations from the same structural components. We offer customers first-hand support and consultation in maximizing your space and improving your overall F&B operation based on your specific needs. With our combined knowledge of the foodservice industry and in depth grasp of our Modular System, we can create both 2D and 3D layouts and presentations to further customize our products to seamlessly cater to your F&B venues. Please contact us for more details.


If you desire to further customize your buffet stations, we also offer custom prints for our Canopy and Quick Covers; such as logo, patterns, colors etc.

Disclaimers:  Service is non-refundable | Requires MOQ | Special orders have longer lead times

custom prints mogogo

We have worked on many projects closely with clients to create custom pieces designed specifically to adapt and facilitate your daily operations. With special materials, unique finishes, and new add-ons, our designers work closely with clients to offer extra customizations of our products.

Disclaimers:  Service is non-refundable | Requires MOQ | Special orders have longer lead times | Development cost will be covered by the customer