Mogogo Service Carts are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally designed as a companion to Mogogo’s full product range or as a standalone serving cart for table-side service, room service delivery, display or any other occasion requiring a cart. Functional enough to be of any assistance in the back end of your hospitality operations. Elegant enough to be your serving companion of choice for any chic event. Meet Mogogo Food and Beverage Serving Carts; unparalleled in today’s Food Service Market.

Just like everything designed by Mogogo, Roll’n F&B Service Carts start with a core element. An elegant and functional cart with high density bamboo panels, heavy duty casters, and a slick vinyl covered handle for easier and more comfortable navigation.  From there, Mogogo’s designers developed a series of add-ons that can easily transform your Service Carts into a cheese serving cart, cocktail cart and much more.