Our U Shape Station is a fantastic example of a sleek, basic design that can be created with the Mogogo System and further dressed up with accessories such as a sign for an unlimited number of themes or occasions. The sign comes with a chalkboard so that the station can be labeled according to the goods being served, and thereby draw guests toward it, catching their eye. This station is typically placed up against the wall and allows for up to two servers or chefs to comfortably stand inside of the station, transforming it into an action station.

  • U-Shape-Station
  • u shape station
  • u shape station


Dimensions:  L88” W81.5” H95.5” | L223.5cm W207cm H243cm

Panel finishes available: High Density Bamboo* / Grey Slate BHP / Nero Marquina Marble BHP / and Bengali Mango Wood BHP.

pattern-2 hpl slate HPL Nero Marquina Marble hpl Mango Wood Finish




*High Density Bamboo finish only available in certain territories

Segment finishes available: Brushed Stainless Steel / Brushed Brass

Stainless Steel brass



u shaped station with signpost