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Our Heavy Duty Casters are an important feature in the Mogogo System, so much that 80% of customers who buy our products add casters to their purchase. We understand that mobility is crucial inside of hotels, and so we specially designed our casters for maximum durability and ease of movement so that heavy stations need no longer be lifted. They are made from a semi-soft material which reduces noise during movement and helps to overcome obstacles, and they consist of dark brown and black colors for a classic, seamless appearance. They are also sold separately so you can combine them with existing Mogogo modular stations you may already own. They come as either a bundle of four or a bundle of five and include two brakes.

  • casters
  • casters

Dimensions: 4X4” Casters (2 with brakes)

Item#: CK005

Materials: PU, Steel

Item#: CK005BR

Materials: PU, Brushed Brass

Stainless Steel brass