Create A Dish Station

Our Create A Dish Station is designed with a logical, ‘Build-It-Yourself’ flow that enhances your customer experience; a spin-off on traditional hotel omelet stations.

Combining both circular and rectangular shapes for the ultimate serving conditions and comfort. The top shelf can be used to display fresh toppings, while the bottom shelves can be used for decoration or storing dishes. Create-A-Dish-Station is a two-sided design to expedite the waiting process for your guests. It comes with our Signpost Add-on, assisting guests navigating your curated culinary theme stations, if necessary.

Additionally, the rounded part of the station has an opening which allows for easy entrance or exist for your Cooking and Serving staff.

*Please Note: Covers are not included in this configuration and can be ordered separately.


  • Creative-DIY-Station-Bamboo
  • Creative-DIY-Station
  • Creative Omelet Station |


Dimensions: L204.5” W98” H100” | L519.5cm W249cm H254cm

Panel finishes available: High Density Bamboo* / Grey Slate BHP / Nero Marquina Marble BHP / and Bengali Mango Wood BHP.

pattern-2 hpl slate HPL Nero Marquina Marble hpl Mango Wood Finish




*High Density Bamboo finish only available in certain territories

Segment finishes available: Brushed Stainless Steel / Brushed Brass

Stainless Steel brass

DIY dish creative station