Food And Beverage Service Carts


Mogogo Mixology Cart comes with a stainless steel rail, leather towel hanger, wooden cutting board, wine glass holders and ice bin Add-ons. Customized to provide the ultimate design weapon to your bartenders and mixologists; our cocktail service cart is smaller unit on wheels with sleek design, which will the ideal serving sidekick for your bartending staff, in any cocktail environment.

Functional enough to be of any assistance in the back end of your hospitality operations. Elegant enough to be your serving companion of choice for any chic event. Meet Mogogo’s Serving Cart; unparalleled in today’s Foodservice Market.

  • cart rolln mixolagy
  • Cart Border and a Cutting Board

Item#: SC103 + CB101 + TH101 + IB101 + BB101  + GH101(X3) (shown with optional CN423 covers)

Dimensions: L41” W21” H40” | L105cm W53cm H102cm

Materials: Woven Bamboo Panels, Brushed Stainless Steel,  Synthetic leather,  Poly-carbonate

pattern-2 Stainless Steel pvc syntetic leather

roll'n mixology technical drawing