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The Mogogo Quick-Covers are an easy solution, bound to attract the attention of your guests. These covers are made of woven vinyl which is washable and does not require a washing machine, cleaning or ironing. This durable solution is the next generation of table skirting, eliminating the strenuous stapling process but still providing a simple method for covering the table. The Quick-Covers are semi-transparent, allowing light in and available in four versatile colors: golden-brown, silver-grey, charcoal black and Jungle-Green. You can stretch the material from inside and the covers can be clipped safely onto the station, snapping in for a secured and sturdy cover. These covers come in sets of two and are extremely practical. They can be used for storage when creating a blocked unit using both covers for the purpose of hiding items, or one cover can be left open to create a display or decoration. There is an additional option to order a different type of custom cover, printed on PVC denim, which is a great option for brands, sports teams and more.

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  • classic plus buffet station
  • classic plus buffet station
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  • Multi shelf classic station
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Available for following units and shelves:

  • 2 each per box, for Classic Large unit
  • 2 each per box, for Classic Medium unit
  • 2 each per box, for Classic Small unit
  • 2 each per box, for Classic Corner unit
  • 2 each per box, for Creative Curved unit
  • 2 each per box, for Creative Extansion unit
  • 2 each per box, for Large Shelf

Materials: Woven Vinyl, Spring Stainless steel

Colors available: Golden-Brown/ Silver-Grey/ Charcoal-Black/ Jungle-Green

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