Mogogo Large Arch Induction is a configuration composed of our Classic Plus Station, two small classic units, our Arch Add-on, and our heavy duty Casters for easy mobility. What makes this station extra special is it’s fully integrated drop-in Cooking Inductions. Cooking and Warming Stations generate excitement, curiosity and can be a great catalyst for social interaction. The visual appeal of the colors and textures of the food, the aroma as it is prepared and the sounds of food being cooked.

Your guests want creativity and variety. Introduce them to new culinary territories and let them discover new sensations with Mogogo Cooking and Warming Stations.

  • large-arch-induction-station
  • large-arch-induction-station
  • pro-cooking-station-with-arch

Item#: PB304-120/240

Dimensions: L130″ W29.5″ H95.5” | L330cm W75 H95.5cm

Materials: High Density Bamboo Panels, Brushed Stainless Steel.

Item#: PB104BR-320/240

Materials: High Density Bamboo Panels, Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Brass.

pattern-2 Stainless Steel brass

pro cooking station with arch