It is very important to have a service cart that is not only practical but also versatile. The Mogogo service cart is your ally when it comes to transport, display, and preparation. With its unique and classic design dress it up or down according to your needs. With the multiple add-ons discover all the different uses that the service cart has to offer. Here we provide you with five different ways the service cart can become your sidekick for more than just overall transportation. 

dessert cart

Room Service Cart

A premium presentation speaks for itself so it is important to show your guests exactly that when they order room service. Ordering food up to the room entails extra charges that the guest is willing to incur so it’s your time to shine by exceeding their expectations. Keep it elegant with the quick cover, where you can hide all extra plates while keeping it safe when transporting it from the kitchen to the guests’ rooms. Additionally, the attachable ice bucket is perfect for chilling champagne or wine freeing space on the top tier. 

room service cart

Mobile Mixology Cart

Set up a wonderful cocktail display for your guests to enjoy. Either a stand-alone display where cocktails are ready to be served or you can take it up a notch and use it as part of your mixology spectacle. Create live shows for your guests right there and then. Due to its mobility, you can choose multiple locations in your hotel or venue in case some areas are more populated than others. This allows you to properly spread around your property in an efficient way while never letting the show die off. 

mixology cart

Hallway Coffee or Tea Cart

Who doesn’t love a mid-morning or afternoon snack? Set up multiple tea and coffee carts around your hotel to surprise your guests with a hot beverage. You can have additional sweet treats to compliment. Due to their sleek design, the service cart can be placed against walls and that way not interfere in your hallways in case they are narrow. Either way, this pleasant refreshment will have your guests happy and energized for the rest of the day. 

tea and coffee cart

Snacks and Refreshment Cart

Why not go the extra mile to show that service and presentation go hand in hand. By setting up a snack and refreshment rolling buffet cart in key spots such as the hotel lobby, spa entrance, outside near gardening areas or even elevator lobbies keep your guests smiling at every corner they turn. This way you can spontaneously set up extra snacks, fresh juices and more. When it comes to service this extra attention to detail can make the whole difference. 

display with food using service cart

Back of the House to the Front

The rolling buffet cart’s compact and sleek design makes the cart easily transportable between narrow doors, halls or elevators. It is easy to navigate and its three-tier system makes each kitchen run productive. Minimize the times you need to go back and forth while keeping it looking elegant. 

service cart in the kitchen 

When getting a Mogogo Roll’n Cart you are acquiring much more than just a Service Cart. Get both the functionality and aesthetics in one when utilizing your new service sidekick. Create memorable times for your guests while making your crew’s life a breeze while utilizing it.