Display and Catering tables are a must-have for any professional event.

Whether you are hosting your 2019 events in a small venue such as a restaurant, medium or larger venue such as large corporate events, or large private parties at your hotel; one of your top priorities as a Hotel Manager, F&B Director, Executive Chefs and Bar Manager is to plan ahead meticulously your buffet and display tables.

From buffet stations, to  Bar Stations, dessert Display Tables; make sure you optimize your space and think of the best way to guide your guests within the floor plan of your venue.

Sleek Design and Mobile Display and Catering Tables

Polo Display and Catering Tables are the perfect choice for small venues such neighborhood bistros. Also, Round Bar Tables with shelves provide added functionality for both F&B managers and Guests. The shelf is an amenity that both guests and staff can use. For example, guests can place their small belongings and servers can store glasses and silverware.


Display and Catering Tables


For medium sized venues, catering and display tables are great to draw attention. Whether it’s to display a selection of premade mixed drinks, finger food or a delightful selection of hor d’ orves. Placing them in different heights and shapes you can draw attention to your f&b in an organic way.


Display and Catering Tables


For the larger venues, F&B Managers and Bar Managers love the versatility that comes with having space to plan your buffet layout. You also love catering tables that are easily transported with a simple assemble or disassemble feature. In case your venue fluctuates in size they are easily removable or to assemble. Here, Bar Tables, High-Boys are great options.


Modular and Mobile Buffet Tables

Small buffet tables allow chefs to improvise on the go. Smaller intimate events are always an opportunity for guests to connect with chefs. Now you’re not just serving them, but providing them with an appetizing experience.

For events at a medium venue, as an F&B Manager or an Executive Chef, you want to create a stylish yet functional space. Use our modular buffet tables. For example, our Induction Buffet Tables are ideal when serving food is coming from the kitchen. For the appetizers display food stations, you may want to instill an outdoors feel, when indoors.

Larger venues such as hotels or convention centers give you more space for planning and this is where modularity really comes into play. Some great tools include utilizing modular and mobile buffet stations. Also a great conversation starter is having cooking demonstrations which not only illustrate creativity in the food making but also in the way the station is presented.


Display and Catering Tables


Functional and Mobile Bar Stations

For small venues, you may find that serving guests tableside is a great way to interact with them. By using Mixology serving carts. Servers have the chance to share new creations with guests that not only entertain but leave a long lasting impression.

For medium sized venues, space is your best friend. Pick our Pro-Bar Station in your venue providing your star bartenders a chance to show off their creations. This does not only increase functionality but provides guests with an authentic mixology experience.

For larger venues, you want to project more permanent stations meanwhile being modular and mobile. In this case you may want to employ a sleek functional Double Bar Station or our Mixology Bar Station. This provides a visual and attractive representation of variety and style.


Display and Catering Tables


Dessert Food Stations and Display Tables

You can’t end your event without a delicious display of desserts. Here, Serving Carts with all the bells and whistles is every F&B manager’s best friend. For a small venue that will most certainly be using the same display tables and carts throughout the event it is crucial to have smooth transitions.

In medium sized venues, multi-purpose display stations are a way to round off your buffet setup. Executive chefs can display their wide array refreshments while bar managers can display champagne and other drinks that are a great way to end the event. You are only limited by your imagination!


thanksgiving dessert station


For large venues with hundreds of guests, even thousands, it can prove to be logistically challenging for F&B Directors, Managers and staff. To wrap up a successful event with large display and catering tables; lay out all your desserts on this linenless station, and roll out to the middle of the dance floor. It will be an evening to remember.