National popcorn day is the perfect excuse to create a fun and attractive display in your hotel lobby, restaurant entrance or near the bar. Why not once a year break the norm and present your guests with multiple flavors, colors and styles of popcorn. It will become an unforgettable experience and it will make your hotel and restaurant a place the’re going to want to re visit.

As hotel executives, F&B managers and chefs creativity and relevance is something you should always strive for and by staying up to date on important social media days you can create awareness for your business, ride the wave and stay relevant in all B2B posts and campaigns.


candy corn display on rope


Set the atmosphere for a playful, fun event.

The perfect place to set up these popcorn displays is definitely your hotel lobby. It is a great way to greet your guests and clients. It will be a breath of fresh air to see something playful yet delicious when walking into the doors. A great eye catcher is the SignPost which can easily be assembled and installed on any station. The chalkboard is a great tool to add a message and make it clear that the display is there for your guests enjoyment.


different popcorn colors and tastes


National Popcorn Day is a way to put your creativity to the test! Whether you go with classic flavors like salty and buttered or caramel, there are lots of other options that can stretch your creativity beyond limits. Try adding spices, different food coloring, etc. and set it up in a way where your guests go through the station and try them all. The mixology station adds dimension and with its mobility you can set it up in different spots throughout the day without having to take down the display. Also, it has an ice bucket which allows you to add cold drinks at the end in case all that popcorn makes your guests a bit thirsty. But for a smaller and more classic look use catering tables which are adaptable and also get the job done!

popcorn on Mogogo´s service cart and catering tables


Check out our pinterest board with lots of recipes and ideas that can make your display extra special.


Popcorn inspired cocktails

As F&B managers and bar managers giving your guests a unique experience is important, and for this time of year it is a great idea to present them with National Popcorn Day inspired cocktails. Check out this cool popcorn martini and the Creamy Frothy Caramel recipe which could ideally be prepared on the spot for your guests using the serving carts. This will add edge to your presentation and it will be a time to put your bartenders to the test.


popcorn inspired cocktails



It can work for holidays or special events

Popcorn displays should not be exclusively reserved for National Popcorn Day.  Popcorn is easy to work with thanks to its versatility in taste. In case this day proves to be successful you might want to suggest a popcorn display to the catering and restaurant managers as well as executive chefs. For different events such as birthdays, baby showers and holiday themed parties. For example birthday cake popcorn can be a great addition to the venue display. For holidays like valentines day you can do a “50 shade of red” colored popcorn and for Easter use pastel colors.  Even go above and beyond and for a striking 4th of July display use red, blue and white dyed popcorn to create an eatable US flag. The options and ideas are infinite. And although some of these events might seem like they are ages away, it’s a good idea to start planning ahead. We all know how time flies!


popcorn for baby shower decoration


So don’t miss out on this year’s National Popcorn Day celebration and create memorable displays that will boost word of mouth and create a truly memorable experience for anyone that steps foot at your door.


zoomed, colorful popcorn, really appreciate texture



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