Holiday Season events are right around the corner.

As F&B Directors, Bar Managers and Executive Chefs, you want your holiday season events to be mesmerizing. Around the world, this end of the year holiday season is a top priority. Whether it is to reinforce your brand through these magical events or to utilize your designed event budget in the most productive way.

How can you create the ultimate Holiday Season events to ensure guests enjoy their evening?

Hotels, restaurants and other venues are sure already be in full capacity. Christmas eve, Hanukkah and New Years Eve atmosphere should resonate with the holiday feeling we are all yearning for. To make these holiday season events as magical experiences, your venue should reflect the holiday atmosphere. Below we’ll go over some ways we’d like to share with you.

Holiday Season Event


Set Your Holiday Season Events Atmosphere

It all starts with creating the right holiday season atmosphere. More specifically, to host your guests with the excellence of service and culinary experience they are expecting for this occasion. Additionally, to represent your brand in the best way possible.

From lighting design, to your preferred color palette for these holiday season events, every detail counts. Whether you are hosting guests for Christmas Eve, Hanukkah, or New Years Eve; lighting design, table centerpieces are all part of setting the right atmosphere.

Choosing the right color palette is crucial, depending on the overall holiday vibe your F&B Director and his or her team have selected. Colors should be visually stimulating and should mesh well with your brand and holiday season colors.


Magical Holiday Season’s Events Food Station

Holiday Season Events

Buffet tables and catering tables are the ideal place to further customize with decorative display, to visually attract your guests to your culinary food displays.

You may want to mix and match with catering tabletops shapes, tabletops materials, or shelving. Playing with catering tables heights, dimensions, leg segments finishes, and different materials is a great way to create a visually appealing culinary landscape.

Holiday Season Events

Lighting design is always at the forefront of any well curated event. From tablescape centerpieces, to floating lighting fixtures, to integrating a cohesive lighting design theme on your buffet or catering tables.


Warm & Cozy Holiday Cocktails Created For This Special Occasion

Your bar stations, bar serving trolleys and cocktail stations are also one of the top priority at any events, and extra crucial during the holiday season.This holiday make it even more special with Ice Carvings and gold fluted champagne glasses arranged in interesting configurations.

Gold colored sparkles on a tableside serving cart, offering your guests a variety of wine selection, served with silver or gold accented decanters. As we’re sure you’ll agree there is nothing more festive than the Beverage menu your Bar Manager has created. From curated holiday inspired cocktails, to a wide selection of wine and champagne, or special beverage on a secret menu!


Holiday Season Desserts Inspiration

Finally, we get to holiday season events dining finale; served on your dessert stations, dessert catering tables, or dessert service carts. Also, add strings of translucent helium balloons with gold, silver, or colored sparkles.

For New Years Eve, once the countdown begins, surprise your guests with the falling metallic strings, gold and silver confetti, or popping balloons!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Therefore, with metallic colors, tasty treats, and magical champagne cocktails, we’re sure your guests will have an amazing culinary experience. It’ll be a great way to celebrate the holiday season and bring in a Happy 2019!