Find the best travel tips, the most exotic destinations and loads of tricks on how to maximize your time and money for your next trip. These 7 influencers are not only hospitality experts but are all masters in different areas like luxury travel, vacationing with kids, cruises, true experiences and more. Go check them out!


1. Tiffany Dowd

Discover a life of luxury travel, trends, fabulous destinations & more alongside Tiffany Dowd. CEO of her own company with a variety of posts, inspirations and tips. Her articles will make you want to jump right on to a plane, with exquisite descriptions and pictures she is a true hospitality expert. Her follower counts surpass the 50k on all social media platforms. Tiffany does not only star in her own platforms but has also written pieces on The Telegraph, USA Today and World Report just to name a few. 


2. Johnny Jet

A true passionate traveler Johnny Jet averages over 150K miles a year and he has done that for the past 10. He shares with all followers his own experience on how to rack up points, miles, and rewards. Johnny started advising his close friends and family but his popularity grew at an astonishing rate. Be prepared to get the best advice on how to make your trips more economically and comfortably sound while having the rest of your budget to enjoy and do it all with style. His follower counts are out the roof as just in Twitter he racks up around 118K. Read loads of interesting articles and even learn about what’s going on in the world. 


3. The Points Guy 

Brian calls the shots plain and simple by providing reviews, deals, and news all about hospitality. A travel enthusiast that started off by writing a blog advising people on how to earn travel points through credit card companies rapidly grew in popularity. CEO Brian of his own initiative started his website in 2010 and now he attracts over seven million unique users each month, now that’s impressive! Enjoy a selection of articles, videos and personal experiences based on evidence to maximize your hotel and travel points. He will go as far as to advice which hotel lines you should be a loyalty member off and let you know of last-minute deals like $189 round trip deal to Cancun! Check it out!


4. Christina Tan

Christina who is based in Indonesia and started off her career in fashion worked her way up to become a travel and leisure, social ambassador. She was able to make a career out of a lifelong dream: photography. Her fashion expertise translated into a renowned luxury travel photographer working with tourism boards, hotels and top-notch destinations all over the world. Her twitter account is booming with over half a million followers and on her personal website as well as pages she showcases the most exclusive sneak peeks of luxury travel and accommodations. If you are into travel or simply a sucker for jaw-dropping pictures this is the one to keep an eye out for! 


5. The Luxury Travel Expert

Get virtual tours in some of the world’s most exclusive hotels in the most exotic locations. You will get the most accurate virtual exposure before making big decisions on whether or not this is the place for you. With a big presence on YouTube, his channel has over 200K followers. Besides the virtual tours, you can find great tips on how to get complimentary nights in hotels, flight insights and all about the best attractions for that special vacation.  


6. Wheres Sharon

Your friendly resource on the ins and outs about traveling with kids. Planning a trip with kids can be stressful, tiring and expensive here learn how to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone in the family. Everything from travel guides, tips, accommodations, what to pack, essentials and more. Super interactive twitter account where you can also share your own personal experiences, photos and funny anecdotes. Overall fun and interactive place to make exploring the world the best experience possible!


7. Chris Owen 

From extensive and informational lists of the places, he has been, follow Chris in a world adventure. With multiple resources about travel, cruise lines, luxury, and even trips with social impact this account is highly enlightening. His travel is mostly done by ship so if this is your deal check him out! Everything from world discovery, packaged deals, gifts, travel protection, etc. Chris has you covered. This is truly your one-stop-shop for your next cruise vacation!