Coffee does not only have a rich flavor but also a rich history. From The Ethiopian Legend where cherries thought to be causing goats hyperactivity and lack of sleep to becoming a morning staple to many. Coffee once was very exclusive and a symbol in many cultures. It originated in the Arabian Peninsula and it quickly spread all through Europe when King Louis XIV in France was gifted a coffee plant and after that travelers and missionaries brought coffee seeds to the Americas. Well, and the rest is history.


Now a day, we are lucky to be able to simply make a cup of coffee how we like it in the commodity of our homes or meet up with friends in a nearby coffee shop. Coffee has become not only a cultural identity for many but a morning necessity for the rest.

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Coffee beans are grown in many locations of the world but some countries are known for having the best. The Countries known the most for their rich and flavorful coffee are Ethiopia, Turkey, Guatemala, Brazil, and Colombia. Due to altitude, volcanic soil, heat, and perfect humid conditions, these 5 countries earn the top spot on many lists.


To leave you with some great recommendations to try some of these great flavors we summed up 5 great coffee places in The Big Apple. 


1. Box Kite

Located in the Upper West Side this small yet filled with personality coffee shop serves some of the best coffee in the neighborhood. Due to their wonderful service and opening hours many catch their morning coffee on their way to work. They showcase multiple roasts and have participated in New York City’s Top Barista Festival.


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Rise and shine NYC! We are serving our espresso tonic with fever tree tonic, and Spring Fling espresso from @madcapcoffee 🌸✌

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2. Little Collins

This Aussie ran cafe is not only known for its exquisite blends but its delicious foods and sweet bites. The kind of place you feel at home and where all the baristas greet customers on a first-name basis. Spend long hours in good company while being transported to Australia without having to fly across the globe.


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LITTLE COLLINS: a little (Collins) cold brew can go a long way on a Tuesday afternoon #nyccoldbrew

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3. Culture Espresso 

This stylish and beautifully decorated cafe serves the best cortado and drip coffee in the area. Located close by to Bryant Park it’s prime for grabbing a coffee on the go and sitting on a nearby bench or the cafe welcomes you to stay and try some of their freshly baked goods.


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You haven’t officially arrived in NYC until your first Culture cookie & coffee 🍪 #nyfw #nyc #culture

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4. Hi-Collar

People that frequent this unique coffee shop definitely pay a visit for more than just coffee. With the ability to custom make your own cup by picking the bean mix and the way you want it brewed makes the trip exciting. Located in the East Village this hip coffee shop’s specialty is siphon inspired by Japanese techniques. 


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You can drink a $7 siphon coffee out of an $800 Christofle gold faced tea cup at #hicollar. Read about it right now on

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5. Abraço

Its name means hug in Portuguese and it’s no wonder why, its cozy and warm welcome makes the espresso addicts and cold coffee venturers regular clients. Alongside a perfectly made coffee, they serve their signature olive oil cake which is famous in the East Village neighborhood. They pride themselves in outstanding presentation and even their to-go cups have phrases and cute designs. 


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pretty curves. open til 8.

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So next time you are in NYC don’t miss out on these unique and delicious coffee spots.

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