Easter brunch has been a long lasting tradition that families have enjoyed for many years. And as a hotel manager and F&B Director why not make your hotel the to go to spot for this special occasion. Everything from promoting your event to table arrangements, activities for kids and of course delicious foods will set you apart from all your surrounding competitors. And if you have never done Easter brunch don’t freak out here in this blog we provide you with 3 brunch set up ideas that will fit your hotel vibe perfectly and will surely leave a long lasting impression. The basics like your furniture and your F&B banquet stations are the same all that changes is the decoration and the possible food arrangements. But, this is a themed inspired brunch so make sure to have top notch decorations. This way your guests will feel identified and will truly experience an authentic Easter brunch.

buffet set up at a hotel

Old Fashioned and Elegant

Like any event you put together the key is to truly know your crowd. This way you will know exactly what themed brunch fits the best for your venue and the people that frequent it. If you happen to be a small boutique hotel located in the Upper East Side in New York City this kind of setup is perfect for you. Well, this is just an example a lot of other locations could fit this brunch style as well.

You should start by making this buffet more than simply food displayed on tables. It should be a culinary experience where food is set up to perfection, there is never an empty plate and tables should be spotless clean and arranged. You will most likely get an older crowd that has very high standards and expectations so tidiness and impeccable service is a must. So to start off the day well you might want to offer them a cold refreshment or alcoholic beverage while they are waiting to be seated using the service cart. They will very much appreciate the gesture and even before they sit down they’ll be looking forward to what’s to come. Since you will get the older crowd most probably without children decorations can be kept delicate and simple in order to maintain the elegant buffet station design .

burgers and champagne on buffet

Most of the socializing will occur between the guests and the servers so make sure the tables are set up in a way where servers can easily see guests if they raise their hands or call for their attention. Also, the buffet tables must be set up where they look approachable and encourage the interaction between the serving staff and clients. A rectangular set up including square display tables is perfect since it is easy to go around, replace empty dishes and it maintains the classic look everyone is comfortable with.

It is also crucial to have a full stock bar ready for use since they will possibly be ordering anything from mimosas, refreshing cocktails and bottles of chilled wine. Having a diverse back bar is important in order to show an array of options and keep up with your guests expectations. You can additionally use the service carts to offer direct table service by serving traditional drinks or for those in the holiday spirit an Easter themed drink such as the highland spritzer.

full stock back bar and bar

It is also a great idea that additionally to the dessert station that will be fixed for the buffet, using the rolling buffet cart you show them dessert specials or even small tastings in case they want to order something that is not displayed. For example special chocolate souffles that take additional cooking time. To complete your old fashioned and elegant display you must incorporate a champagne table this will seal the deal and it will very nicely tie everything together.

display table with finger food and champagne


Classic and Colorful

In this style for brunch you are to switch up gears a little bit. Here you can be more creative since let’s be mindful that classic is not a synonym for boring, on the contrary it is finding elements that are timeless yet are modern, chic and practical.

In this kind of setup and venue you can expect middle aged couples probably with children, so prepare yourself for a more family oriented atmosphere. That means colorful displays that are eye catching and beautiful yet do not overwhelm the viewer with extravagant color combinations. So it is important to find a color palette that is themed appropriately, let’s say light blue pastels combined with light pinks and purples and use the same colors throughout your displays. Eye to detail such as small chocolate bunnies or chocolate covered eggs can be a sweet touch that the youngsters will definitely notice.

When it comes to the food buffet using banquet food stations will add dimension and flow. It is the perfect opportunity to play with textures and arrange your food options in a delicate, tasteful way. Food must look organized and there should be a logical sequence to it, your guests will notice the thought that went to it. You can also add flower arrangements such as Easter Lilies, Tulips, Azaleas and daisies for an additional touch in the overall set up.

Easter themed decorations

A classic brunch buffet along with some festive cravings such as smaller finger foods including seafood delicacies can be set up in the corners using display tables to spread your guests around. This is a great touch which thinks outside the box but still remains in the classic parameters. This kind of setup is also ideal for dessert which will definitely attract the kids and all those with a sweet tooth. This is the perfect opportunity for your Executive Pastry Chef to display his or hers beautiful creations.

display tables with desserts

Additionally, enthusiastic bartenders can walk around by the tables using the service cart offering your brunch classics such as such as a bubbly mimosa or bloody Mary or for the more adventurous ones maybe try an Easter themed drink. Also, there is nothing wrong with making the set up highly dynamic and to an extent playful, using linenless furniture that has natural finishes such as bamboo and marble will do exactly that.

refreshing Easter cocktails

Funky and Exuberant

To change this up a little compared to the last two concept ideas above in this kind of display you can go completely over the top with color combinations, decorations, recipes and more. Check this out for unique Easter Brunch ideas. Here you get to show off all your creativity and your banquet people can really do something fun and bold. In this kind of environment you will get your younger crowd. Teenagers that are allowed to leave mom and dad to get brunch with friends, couples with young kids and any adults that feel like a kid at heart.

service carts with sweets

Creativity, creativity, creativity, it can’t be emphasized enough how important it is in order to make it truly special for your guests. Here the motto should be the more the merrier!  You can be more spontaneous in the way your buffet tables are set up; incorporate everything from classic styles such as modular furniture and service carts but don’t be hesitant to explore other fun configurations using the canopy, display shelves etc. Your guests are young spirited and curious so play with dynamic stations that helps them explore the entirety of your Easter Brunch.

station with canopy


It is a good idea to have multiple smaller displays throughout the venue versus having one big long table containing all the food. Use bistro tables and display tables to reinforce that energetic spirit, this way you can create sweet and salty displays. Also, using the service carts you can create small fun activities for kids such as decorating Easter eggs or dipping a chocolate bunny in sprinkles and toppings.

Easter themed activities

Also, you can incorporate culinary shows by having “create your own” stations since we know kids can be a bit picky at times. Chefs can prepare at that moment customized omelettes, crepes and even have a cupcake station where the kids can choose their own toppings. The possibilities are truly endless!

So embrace the happy times and create memorable displays for your guests. Give people the joy of coming to your hotel and continue the serene and fun celebration at your venue! With these three options you can target, cater and earn a spot in your guests minds by creating an amazing Easter Brunch! Just be mindful of your crowd, what they like and what they don’t, that way you will truly maximize their experience and yours. As an F&B manager your goal at the end of the day is to see beyond what’s on the plate and by being able to connect food with memories you will leave a long lasting impression. And if your hotel has never done an Easter Brunch before maybe this is the year to give it a go!