We present you with the perfect excuse to drink beer, yeah you heard right BEER! In honor of National Beer day you can delight your guests and customers with an extraordinary beer display. Where you can have everything from light, medium to dark in an array of cups of different shapes and sizes. Having a big beer tasting display on catering tables where guests can go beyond the “typical” beer they usually order can be a great way to enthusiastically invite your guests to try something different. This is a great opportunity to display locally, freshly made beer. Also why not get in touch with your local breweries and have them set up displays throughout your hotel or venue. A beer expert can hop on this one as well, as they can be the ones advising clients on what to order based tastes and textures. This degustation party will definitely be a hit!

beer tasting outdoors


Set Up the Mood

The key is to turn a day that seems quite ordinary into a full on culinary experience! It should go beyond the simple act of ordering beer at the bar or the fact that somehow this day celebrates people getting tipsy :) Specially if your hotel happens to be a little more family oriented it’s important to maintain the display areas controlled and elegant yet at the same time fun. In this kind of displays where your guests will be very involved in asking questions and interacting with your staff it’s important to have a keen eye for the set up. Therefore some simple F&B tips like the right set up using catering tables to avoid lines or a lot of people concentrated in one spot can make all the difference.

beer tasting tray

It’s important to state that beer and the idea of rejoicing it goes beyond the enjoyment of an alcoholic beverage. Beer has a rich history of how it came about and its multiple flavors and textures makes it pretty much all taste inclusive. There’s even non alcoholic and gluten free options! Also, beer brings cultures together, breaks down walls and gets the conversation started. There are some elegant buffet station designs that work great for an event like this one. This “S” configuration decreases lines and it makes it highly mobile for people to mingle. Also, it’s the proper occasion to show off your back bar by using all kinds of vintage bottles, cool cups and any additional elements. And if your idea for a beer event is more sporadic for just a couple of hours in the day the catering tables are ideal since in literally seconds you can build them or put them away accordingly.

Mogogo bar and back bar display

Keep in mind that a lot of people happen to travel alone and these kinds of social activities might be the perfect occasion to meet new people and engage in interesting conversation. Even if after a while it’s the beer talking!! These panoramic display of distinct flavors and colors is an amazing ice breaker and it gives your staff a chance to show what they are made off and be at the top of their game.


Keep ‘em Rolling

We can bluntly say that almost everybody likes beer but occasionally there might be someone that comes to the bar and it just isn’t in the mood. On this day your bar managers and bartenders can get really creative with beer inspired cocktails that can go great with the ambiance. The rolling buffet carts are ideal for this kind of setup since you can have multiple mobile buffet stations around your modular configurations. This will allow for more space and you will be able to avoid certain areas getting overly crowded. Additionally, a mixology spectacle is a great thing to have.

mixology performance with service cart

Furthermore, the rolling buffet carts have special add ons like the quick covers, cup holders and top rail border which does not allow for spillage and in the lower levels you can hide empty bottles if needed. It is ideal if your enthusiastic bartenders to walk around your hotel halls or down by the pool giving out different beer samples. With this kind of service you will definitely leave a long lasting impression!


Add Some Snacks

Let’s be real no bar display is complete without some tasty snacks! Having finger foods around your beer display is a great way to have people stick around for longer and to invite those that don’t want beer to stop by and converse. On your banquet food stations you can serve sliders, fries, nachos with salsa, spicy buffalo wings, etc. There are all sorts of salty treats that will complement your delightful beer tasting event. Some darker beers are also great pairings for those with a sweet tooth. Beer with an after note of toffee, caramel and dried fruit flavors go amazingly well with sweet and tart flavors of pie such as berries and lime. But don’t worry, if your venue happens to be on the more elegant side there are great snacks such as coconut shrimp, sushi, sweet potato fries or lightly salted almonds. Or if your venue is small the catering tables are ideal since they are compact and its legs and set up do not take up a lot of space. When it comes to food truly the options are countless, it’s just about having a keen eye to read your customer and know exactly what they would enjoy best.


snack display for beer


To sum it up; whether your guests favor aromatic, zippy, clean or toffee-like beer, beer day is a great time for everyone! It’s the best way to transform your hotel lobby, pool and bar areas into social hubs where people enjoy the amazing array of flavors beer has to offer. Space and set up time is no longer a problem since with versatile F&B furniture such as the service carts or the catering tables you can ideally suit any venue size. And  At the same time as an F&B Manager you give the opportunity to your staff to have high interaction with guests and push their service skills to the limit. This will also culture everyone that decides to join and never again will anyone say that all beer tastes the same! Cheers!!


catering table with beverage display