Ever wonder why some brands or establishments set up with buffet stations, banquets, and other displays the way they do?
Turns out, the design, color, etc., have a direct impact on customer mood, opinion, and overall experience in the hospitality and marketing industry period. From internationally inspired cuisine to elegant displays that highlight and accentuate every dish, doing more than showing beauty. It shows sophistication and professionalism too. It also bolsters the ideation of superior quality, responsive real- life design, and innovative concepts that are targeted to trigger particular behavioral responses. So, what is your buffet station saying to your customers?

Comforting your Guest

How settled your guest feel when dining will most certainly have an effect on the personal perception and attitude, which is ensuring a warm and inviting design and it is an absolute must. Plain and simple, guest need to feel at ease. It’s the only way they will come back. In addition, have you ever looked at the differences in interior design, depending on geographical climates? It’s true, the temperature, season, and other climate controlled factors impact how diners feel at certain times.

Event Planning Trends


 During the warm weather, it is nice to create an open and airy environment, by keeping your sections, buffet stations, displays, and other buffet décor situated in such a way, that it can be easily accessed, without feeling packed into an area. Even small and tight spaces can create the illusion of more space, depending on the layout of buffet stations.

Buffet Food Stations

In the cold months, guest will find warmth in luxury and thoughtful floorplans. Creating a sense of “FULL” is not easy and sometimes borders the thin line of tight spacing, but nothing screams safety and warmness than being in close proximity to others. Overall, the goal is to make guests so comfortable, that any funny feelings of having to go back for more and worries about what is stacked on their plate and who is weirdly watching, never crosses the mind.
Thinking about the design is only part of it. It turns out; item placement also plays a big impact on what customers will be chowing down on. Research shows that guests are more likely to make a food selection within their first few presented choices, with a large number opting for the very first dish, no matter what it is! It is all in the placement.

Coloring your Guest

Long have there been studies that look into the true psychology of colors and how businesses are affected by their implementation of certain colors. Some brands are only successful because of their present color scheme. Colors affect appetite, feelings, and can also stimulate other sensory characteristics. Let’s look at red and yellow. These two colors are known induce hunger and can cause guests to eat and spend more.

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Don’t understand? Take the globally recognized McDonalds; their brand colors are yellow and red, and yes they seem always to be packed during common eating hours, why? Well, it is because they are a perfect example of color branding psychology.
When opening up and setting up buffet stations, the selected color scheme will implicate the level of intimacy the dining space offers. Darker, warmer colors are known to make space seem small and more intimate.

Creating Ambiance to your Guest

Nothing dictates someone’s mood like a room’s ambiance, the feel or aura of the dining area. How a customer feels will determine their level of involvement with the actual dining experience. The ambiance is achieved by design and looks to draw governing inspiration from colors, shapes, and use of space, lighting, and décor.


The ambiance will set the level of activity certain venues receive. For instance, if there is use of bright lighting, meal times are said to run shorter, than if the lights were dimmed in a more intimate setting. This alone effects the volume of food consumed. A growing number of millennials are finding smart luxury settings and informal dining venues a go-to preference, as a modern, casual, and social atmospheres are becoming the most commonly sought after dining experiences, leaving demand shortages on high-end venues.

Trusted Buffet Stations Spell Satisfaction

Buffets Stations are a sectoral social events that are known to create moments guest will remember and converse about. From the placement of the buffet tables, to how the food is displayed, organized, and prepared. Every aspect of your customer’s dining experience builds them for either return business or a onetime stopby.

Mobile Buffet Tables

Guests will talk, and bonds will be forged. Give them something to gossip over. Mogogo is an industry leader in providing modular buffet stations, elegant displays, durable service carts, and adds real value to any dining experience. What do your buffet stations tell your guests?