Are your Halloween events planned yet? If so, what are you waiting for?! As Food and Beverage Managers or Banquet Directors, you want to set the mood and create the ultimate Halloween Buffet for your hotel and restaurant guests from the moment they enter the space. Your hotel and restaurant is their event space of choice, so make it a wicked night to remember.

Here are some tips for Chefs, F&B Managers, or Banquet Managers to create a mesmerizing Halloween multi-sensory experience.


Start by setting your Haunted Halloween atmosphere

Start by designing the entrance of your event with your Halloween lighting of choice. Each event varies upon your brand messaging and the audience you are hosting for. Therefore, the overall color palette you have planned with your team should be reflected in the lighting as well.

If you want to make your event an even more interactive experience, we suggest assigning your F&B staff to greet your guests with customized Halloween uniform (or even masks or face makeup?). Also, adding a moody curated playlist will enhance the multi-sensory experience. This will add your boost to your Halloween buffet tables that await them. 


Spooky yet Elegant Halloween Tablescapes

Set up a dark mood from the start. For a Halloween midnight dinner soiree, design your tablescapes using dark tablecloths, dripping long candle sticks as centerpieces, and deep purple and red flower arrangements. There are so many places for inspiration you can take from, and simply apply your own moody twist. Think spooky yet elegant to stay in line with your Hotel and Restaurant branding. This will not only add the right vibe to your Halloween buffet tables but will create the festive and fun holiday it represents. 


Creepy Halloween Cocktails

At your Bar Station, have your bartenders serve Halloween inspired cocktails such as the Black Widow Smash, or Sleepy Hollow Cocktail. Perhaps decorate your bar display area with cobwebs? Plenty of beautifully crafted bar accessories will definitely bring attention to details that your guests are looking for. More so, in our social media-driven era, it is during these fun holiday events where attendees are most likely to capture and share special moments. Therefore, indirectly bringing more exposure & attention to your brand and its beautiful events.

Ps: Make use of dry ice to spread around and give your bar that creepy look and feel. Use food coloring of your choice for witches’ brewed Halloween cocktails.

Sweet Desserts To Die for

There are plenty of classic desserts that would be a perfect fit; just add a dark wicked twist to them. For example, there are classics like chocolate fondant, cupcakes, dark chocolate mousse or macaroons are all-time favorites for any audience. Creating a sweet Halloween buffet table is essential to tie up your event. All sorts of delicious treats fit the theme.

Desserts are one of the most anticipated parts of any event; food presentation and plating is key here. For example, serve them on dessert service carts or larger dessert buffet tables – this is your opportunity to be wickedly creative!