Non-Alcoholic beverages a decade ago were strictly confined to soft drinks. Today, non-alcoholic beverages are trending everywhere, sometimes even outnumbering their alcoholic cousins at hotel bar tables and restaurants.

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If you’re a Bar Manager or F&B Manager, this post will bring you some insight on which non-alcoholic beverages are trending. Additionally, this read will stir some fresh and creative non-alcoholic beverages ideas for your bar tables.


Virgin Cocktails; Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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In 2018 and beyond, these non-alcoholic beverages are getting extra sophisticated. Without the booze! Preparing these virgin cocktails in front of your guests will keep them so entertained as well; making them part of the experience!

Think of rimmed glasses of spicy salts, small juicy fruits, lemon, lime. Presentation must be perfect. Your guests will feel part of the conversation without the traditional alcoholic drink on  hand.


Third Wave Coffee; Biggest Trending Non-Alcoholic Beverages in 2018

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Start thinking of brewing coffee as an art form. Today, coffees are one the most instagramable moments, and its foam presentation matters! It has become more than just a hot morning beverage some use to stay awake. This movement, known as Third Wave Coffee, refers to one that produces coffee of extremely high quality. Additionally, members of the movement consider the making of coffee in a more artistic fashion.

There is a stronger community connection between the growers, brewers and re-sellers.

Extra care is taken at all stages of the production, much like with handcrafted beers and wine making. Third wave coffee aspires to those with a taste for fine coffee and is a great addition to providing non-alcoholic beverages.

This is a great chance to offer your guests a bit of a history of Third Wave Coffee, further building trust and appreciation in your brand.


Non-Alcoholic Beverages Start With Your Tea Collection

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A lot of experimenting is happening with teas and from the looks of it, we’re just getting started. Your guests are so used to that hot lemon tea and cold iced tea. Hot and cold teas infused with spices and flavors such as pomegranate and litchi are something that might excite them.

Bar Managers in Mumbai, India, for instance opt to serve spicy sweet drinks during the scorching summer months. Serving them Asian style using limes and passion fruit. At your bar tables, you’re also likely to find some warming options such as mint tea.

For healing power, there are a vast array of herbal teas you might want to serve on your bar tables adjacent to your gym workout area. With health-beneficial herbs such as Lemon Balm, Mint, and Chinese medicine’s Chrysanthemum, there are literally many options in the tea area alone.

In any case, equip yourself with what you need to serve it anyway your guest wants it. Sweeten your teas using honey, date syrup or agave syrup instead of sugar. Also, grated fresh ginger always adds a spicy twist.

For older guests, who refuse to break with the norm, be sure to include the classics. Lemon, chamomile, earl grey and green teas are a perfect example. A selection of herbal teas is also highly recommended. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own cold versions as well!

Matcha; the new tea star!

Matcha tea, once used exclusively at Japanese tea ceremonies is one of the biggest trending healthy hot or cold beverages. Its taste and color has a lot to do with that, not to mention the claimed health benefits.


Fresh Pressed Juices Are Here To Stay

Offer your customers a menu of freshly pressed juices is a trend that is here to stay. Bartenders turn it into a true mixology presentation and experience!

Fresh Pressed Juices are a popular option at any time of the day. Healthy, refreshing, and colorful, they are a beverage menu must-have. Seeing such goodness as beets, carrots, apples and oranges, ginger or anything fruit or veggie gives your customer the option for a healthy and extra vitamin filled beverage option!


Modern Sodas Anyone?

Fizz Makes a Comeback with handcrafted sodas are a refreshing trend along with lemonades and coolers. You can get your bartenders on the flavor building train in this particular space by having them heat these colorful drinks for contrast, rimming the glass with spices or using a refreshing spritz of soda or lemon juice for that extra kick.