Food And Beverage Service Carts


Mogogo Food Service Cart is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally designed as a companion to Mogogo’s full product range or as a standalone cart for table-side service, room service delivery, display or any other occasion requiring a cart. Its unique built-in bumper system, heavy-duty casters and legs, and bamboo shelves offer superior strength and durability.

This tableside service cart is functional enough to be of any assistance in the back end of your hospitality operations. Elegant enough to be your serving companion of choice for any chic event. Meet Mogogo’s Serving Cart; unparalleled in today’s Foodservice Market.

  • Food Serving Cart For Hotels and Restaurant
  • Service-cart-Brass-SC103BR
  • Food Serving Cart For Hotels and Restaurant
  • service cart
  • Room Serving Cart
  • Restaurant & Hotels Bar Serving Cart

Dimensions: L41.3” W20.9” H35.8” | L105cm W53cm H91cm

Item#: SC103

Materials: Woven Bamboo Panels, Brushed Stainless Steel,  Synthetic leather,  Poly-carbonate.

Item#: SC103BR

Materials: Woven Bamboo Panels, Brushed Brass,  Synthetic leather,  Poly-carbonate.

pattern-2 Stainless Steel brass pvc syntetic leather

classic RoLL'n cart