The F&B and Hospitality world continues to expand and surprise us with different concepts and unique ventures. Find out about some incredible projects that are to open quite soon around the world. So whether you are a curious traveler, a food connoisseur or simply a wine enthusiast stay up to date on what is going on around you, some spots might be in your own neighborhood.


The European Ingredients Trade Shows goes “Greener” 

In 2019 the Food ingredients Europe & Natural ingredients, a European trade show specializing in F&B ingredients will more than ever represent the “Green” trend. With an increase in popularity, natural ingredients have increasingly become more dominant among food companies. More than half of the participants will be 100% organic!

Don’t miss out on this event where the full show programme includes live cooking events, lectures, tours of the best spots and extensive knowledge into the most innovative concepts in the F&B world!


ingredients show Europe



Optimist Hall- the newest fusion between food, retail and creative working space  with a touch of the past!

This Summer in Charlotte, NC is to open a 147,000-square-foot redevelopment of shops, restaurants and creative working space.The Optimist Hall is a market feel venue that welcomes all to emerge into a full culinary and unique experience. Its long shape and brick decorated architecture alludes to the industrial south that once nominated the area. Now, in a more modern atmosphere this space exemplifies sustainability, expression and innovation. 


The Optimist North Carolina



The first guitar-shaped hotel in the world!!

Take a sneak peek into the Hard Rock property opening up in the fall in Hollywood, Florida. The project which came up to $1.5 billion. Check out all its amenities, dining halls, pools and entertainment that is supposed to be off the hook! Some refer to it as an architectural challenge and a masterpiece check out for yourself why. 


Hard Rock Guitar shaped hotel



Mogogo introduces new material for F&B Furniture

In the ever changing world of hospitality durability, material quality and aesthetics are more important than ever. BHP the new and innovative material is a way to look into the future. Discover its full advantages, finishes and uses! 


Mogogo new BHP material



Newest rooftop bar in Sydney, Australia

July 1, 2019 was the grand opening of the 1200 sqm bar and restaurant located on the 7th level of the Westfield Pitt Sydney. Babylon, a Levantine themed urban vibed rooftop is not only special for its unique drinks but also for its decor that includes dark gold Spanish marble.  

Read all about this exclusive venue and why it’s a must in your next visit to Sydney!


Babylon rooftop bar in Sydney Australia



Stay posted for more exciting events coming up in the next few months! 


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