modular induction with arch and blackboards

Following the growing world wide  trend, Mogogo extended its fun yet very functional category of blackboards that is ideal for transmitting messages to your guests and give personality to your stations. With minimal elements you can completely transform your station’s vibe. They are also great to signal ingredients on your service carts when presenting your guests with cocktails. The options of use are endless.

What makes this collection special 

This blackboard collection fits seamlessly into Mogogo’s add ons by complements any station perfectly. Staying true to Mogogo’s principle of versatility they are easily combinable either by hanging them from the sign post and arch or simply laying them flat or tilted directly on the station. 


orange juice stand with sign post


orange juice blackboard sign

For a buffet that is set up in the middle of the room, Mogogo’s double sided blackboards are ideal since they can be seen easily from all angles of the venue. Write a fun message in the front and a small drawing in the back, it is a way to be playful and creative.

The blackboard add-ons comes with their appropriate hooks that adhere perfectly to the arch and signpost.  Write with chalks or a chalk like markers, these usually come in a variety of colors which are perfect for details and extra customization. 


blackboards on arch


Same blackboard; different uses

Here are some of the most popular ways to use both the blackboard collection and the long blackboard. Due to its large size you can write full messages and have the ability to be more informative.


blackboard in station with canopy


give information


set the mood and menu board


get artistic


Our clients’ creativity

Since their launch, Mogogo’s blackboards have gained a prominent popularity among our clients. We are always happy to see the different creations and special details that are put into each station set up. How they go from being furniture to something that invites you to indulge.


tilted blackboard on station



combo of blackboard on station



In a wider view, signage and signs have always been used in the hospitality industry. But in more recent times we see more and more of them popping up in  the most creative locations and uses. You can spot them anywhere from the smallest cafe to large restaurants and hotel chains. We at Mogogo get so much inspiration from the different ways blackboards are used nowadays, that being hangable smaller boards or a big blackboard wall, It is small details with messages that at the end of the day resonate with clients. 

Without going too far, people have also incorporated this concept in smaller coffee shops or restaurants with their daily specials, fresh produce or the soup of the day. They are very practical and easy to use and they give the place a very urban chic feel.

hanged blackboards


People have gone far enough as to incorporate blackboards in their own home kitchen and show case daily home cooked creations or simply a way to distract the kids while mom or dad cook, either way blackboards give off a special vibe that Mogogo wanted to incorporate to its modular stations, catering tables and service carts. 

Check out our Blackboard Inspiration board for amazing and cool ideas, using only 2 elements chalk and a board! 

Mogogo’s blackboards add ons have as a purpose to add personality and transmit a message to your guests. Use it as creatively as you can to do just that and more. Being easily erasable, it takes just a moment to transform your breakfast buffet to a  lunch serving station. Be playful, unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to your stations! 


blackboards with message and drawings