In the ever changing world of hospitality staying on top of the game is the key for success. Here at Mogogo we constantly push the limits on creativity and design. In our new 2019 catalog we are proud to introduce our new developed material BHP which arrived after two years of intense R&D. BHP is our  innovative way to look into the future. We get our inspiration from all of our creative partners and clients who do incredible things with our units and stations. Based on experience and learning from our clients, we understand how important it is to diversify our material line and remain true to our core of top notch design; because of this and more BHP came to life.

All product categories in BHP


What is BHP

Our newly developed material BHP is composed of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) with a vertical bamboo core (Mogogo’s expertise). This newly developed material came about after two intense years of R&D. It was designed specifically to address the ever changing needs of the hospitality industry. In an industry where innovations happen constantly, it’s important to strive for products that close important gaps such as set up and breakdown times, long lines and an aesthetic finish that can be adapted to multiple events and venues. This new material which is readily available in three finishes which are Nero Marquina Marble, Grey Slate and Mango Bengali Wood bring to life the authenticity of the material while remaining sustainable and highly modular.

clix ables in all three finishes

Besides the different colors something highly unique about the BHP material is the texture. All three finishes resemble and feel just like the real material, this gives it a more natural and genuine look. This continues to support one of Mogogo’s pillars which is linenless furniture, exposing the real material instead of covering it up with tapestry.

All of Mogogo’s furniture and rolling service carts are available in the three finishes.


Its Advantages; why BHP

Beyond its aesthetic looks BHP has unique advantages that make this material superior:

info graphic advantages

Each finish is unique since they each bring a different vibe and feel to the environment they are in. The stations remain timeless since they hold a classic look which is highly adaptable. It is important to mention that despite the furniture being easy to take apart, while it’s set up it encompasses a sturdy look that is strong and firm.


A little more about the 3 finishes

Nero Marquina Marble

Achieve a chic and classic look that at the same time is modern and contemporary. You can be classy and elegant without looking outdated. By combining the brass or stainless steel segments with this color panels you can achieve various vibes and easily transform your venue from a black tie wedding to a corporate event or even a cocktail party.

different angles of cart in marble finish

Combine different stations, round buffet tables or carts in different areas to dilute crowds and spread your guests throughout your venue.  

champagne display

Grey Slate

The slate finish delivers a great range of versatility and energy. It is easily adaptable to all indoor environments and on occasion to an outdoor environment as well. It has all that rustic, urban and millennial feel to it that make it unique to many venue decor. Additionally it goes extremely well with vibrant colors and tropical plant decorations.

modular in slate finish


square display table


Bengali Mango Wood

The wood finish has been known through time to be timeless and classic. A finish that goes with everything yet is hip and it exemplifies sturdy, strong, timeless furniture. It can easily transport you to an old cabin feel where you can almost smell the forest aromas or a very clean, delicate environment that is easy to combine with different add ons and decorations.


creative in mango wood finish


cart and polo in mango wood finish



Different material; different vibe

All finishes have the advantage that they encompass a very minimalist look and don’t need a lot of decorations or extras to look great. With simple details, light placement, etc. you can achieve a very clean and aesthetic look that is natural and beautiful.

The same round buffet table can easily go from a regular buffet to a more sophisticated finger food display by simply adding shelves or corner units.

The stations and rolling service carts  continue to be highly versatile in terms of design but now have the added advantage that with each individual finish you can achieve different looks and vibes according to your events’ needs.

BHP stations with backgrounds


The BHP material  was developed by Mogogo to address and solve specific needs for the hospitality industry, that being design, a higher need for mobility, stations that can be played with to create different configurations, etc. All of Mogogo’s products are designed to help speed up service, increase interaction, shorten long buffet lines and set the highest standard for your guests. For this and more the new BHP material truly exemplifies the future route that the hospitality industry is taking when it comes to innovative furniture. Here at Mogogo this is just the tip of the iceberg.