As springs arrives, it’s the perfect time of the year to revamp your bar station attitude and set the right atmosphere. With its blossoming flowers, warmer weather and clearer skies, we can feel that summer is in fact right around the corner. Summer brings not only the sunshine and that feel of vacation but also festive parties, wedding season and outdoor events. A lot of factors determine the type of theme, beverages, and food you will service. Whether you are an event planner, a caterer or a mobile bartender, we can help you figure out how to set a bar station for any Food and Beverage events.

The Classic Bar Station

For any elegant or relaxed event, we suggest our Double Bar Station. It’s portable and flexible. You can stack together many stations to serve bigger crowds or break it down to a single unit for a smaller and more intimate event. Serve cheese platter, rustic bread, fruits in the front, and display your wine collection in the back bar. We offer the option to add covers to the lower shelves to conveniently store supplies and dishes. Our Double Bar design is classy with clean lines, which can fit a wide variety of events, from modern to more traditional. This highly adaptable station is perfect to cater your party.


Bar Station


The Evening Party Bar Station

For a more upscale and modern vibe, our Pro Bar Station will be the perfect accessory to ice cold beers, whisky on the rocks and finger food. With its stainless steel working surface, insulated ice bin and sliding speed rail, it can adapt to any evening event. Our Pro and Back Bar Station Combo is durable and highly functional; its industrial casters make it easy to move around your space – quite convenient for events with a change of venue or theme between cocktail hour and dinner. Think mini-burgers, cured meat and pickles for an epic Fourth of July party!

Bar Station



The Party Wingman

Discover our new selection of modern and versatile catering tables. The CliX Collection provides a line of high-design yet lightweight catering tables. Adding a few High or Low Table Top will upscale the vibe of your event and provide your guests with extra space to mingle and put down their drinks. Clix offers a variability of tabletop shape and material, as well as different base heights and material to accommodate your varying needs. Need extra storage space? Simply add a bottom shelf. The real beauty behind its design is invisible to the eyes; you can assemble and disassemble in just 10 seconds. Whether it is for its versatility, functionality or high end design you won’t find a better wingman to your event!






The Trendy Cocktails On-The-Go

Don’t want your drink & food buffets to overtake your venue? We’ve got a solution for you: our service cart aka drinks & food on-the-go. It is the perfect add-on and a great way to incorporate a unique item to set up your bar event with more flexibility. This option is an elegant alternative to single trays or it can be it’s own smaller serving section for easy to grab drinks. Our serving cart will definitely be a crowd pleaser as it can accommodate your guests. You can add covers to the bottom shelves to conceal empty drinks or plates, and make the top shelf the focal point with a great display.

Mobile bar station cart




The Dessert & Bubbly Bar Station

Mogogo’s Champagne Table will be the perfect excuse to mingle. Use your creativity and sense of design to stack up one or more Round Shelf Display on top. Each event is different, this is why adding or subtracting vertical space makes this product so versatile. Having a couple Champagne Tables with varying heights shelves will give great individuality to your space. Our Champagne Table is lightweight, yet offers unique durability through our double sided tabletop system. Dress it up with champagne, cupcakes, and more. Because of its round top and size, you can combine a few to divide the space and leave room for your guests to socialize and network. Let it be the life of the party!