Bringing the ultimate experience to your guests comes down to authenticity. Being able to transport your guests to other countries, fairs, farms, markets, etc. with a creative set up that beyond food it serves an experience. 

mix of market stations

Mogogo offers a large variety of “market feel” configurations – knowing that the ability to bring a true market atmosphere to the guests can really set the tone for any event.  The Mogogo Market Station has many benefits not only design-wise but also in its functionality for example it aids with crowd control, line formations and maximizes space. 

purple station

The Market Stations offered by Mogogo make for special buffet tables because although they can stand alone they are also great focal points within a set up that include other shaped stations or catering tables

island market station

What makes these stations special buffet tables compared to the rest is that it provides a unique marketplace vibe while keeping its 360° view which allows for decent flow and line cuts. Also, you can adapt the number of tiers by using raised shelves. You can play with the design and place other ingredients or cutlery without giving up the three existing tiers. 

Standing alone is an option, however, having a person behind will give it that marketplace encounter. This option boosts guest interaction with the staff plus it gives it a seller-buyer vibe that is so unique to any market.  

served market station

Regarding design and actual food being served on it, there are many creative angles you can take. One is using it as an ingredient stand where you set up multiple baskets, sacks or boxes filled with different vegetables, fruits, etc. using the bottom shelves of the stations. This kind of idea works perfectly for a salad bar, antipasti station or fresh orange juice stand where boxes of the raw vegetables or fruits can be used in the lower tiers as decor while in the main tiers they actually serve them. 

orange station

Other Mogogo Add-Ons that go perfectly with this marketplace concept is the signpost with the blackboard which is ideal to write the “fresh from the farm” or even an ingredient list of what is being served. Additionally, there is the canopy which certainly sets the tone and the arch where you can hang ham, vegetables, nets, etc. to add more of a real feel to the setup. 

add ons on stations

Also, the market vibe can be useful for other food-themed stations such as fresh-squeezed juices with a wide variety of mixes and fruits to choose from. In the afternoon you can set up a sashimi and sushi station; the fresh fish assortment will really bring to life the fish market vibe. 

fresh juice station

pantry station

Whether you incorporate the Round or Square Market Stations or both you will really bring the marketplace to life in your indoor venue. Remarkable color mixes, that involves the guests and your staff for the ultimate experience. Truly capture an authentic market vibe and bring it to life with these unique looking stations.