Find an entertaining read while drinking your morning coffee, on a long plane ride or simply here and there when time allows. Everything from the hottest food trends and flavors to exclusive chef interviews about what the food future is looking like. 



Supper magazine cover

Stay up to date with the fast-paced evolution of F&B from the most conventional to the most unconventional forms. From independent collabs between chefs and designers to modern mixology, delicious casual eating, and interesting pop-ups. Supper an English magazine explains how different trends can help to boost your own business or how to maximize your culinary experiences while roaming around new cities.


Edible Communities

edible magazine cover

Here you will find the best seasonal recipes with the freshest ingredients. Also, off the hook stories with all the ins and outs of gastronomy and trends. Edible communities provide you with the opportunities to connect with other passionate foodies and F&B professionals by joining their “cookbook club” where you can swap ideas, get inspired and share your unique recipes with others. 


Garden & Gun

garden and gun magazine cover

Food, drinks, gardening, travel, you name it they got you covered! Discover the most interesting and delicious dishes as well as unique ingredients you can add to make signature cocktails. And in every issue find a selective list of the editor’s favorites for an extra personalized touch. 



gastronomica magazine cover

A food studies journal which is definitely a more serious read with stories that go beyond the food itself. Interesting depictions of consumerism, food waste and eye-opening realities that go unseen in the food industry. This is without disregarding the content’s rich language. These reads are academic and a unique way for professionals to interact with the public. 


Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage magazine cover

This magazine is for sure your industry ally! Learn everything from food trends, events, wine tastings around the world, chef awards and more. The best way to know about the new restaurant openings and what makes them the to-go-to spots of the moment. Additionally, they provide current events about all our favorite food franchises and what’s up with them. Speak peek: The Hakkasan Group is about to open 10 restaurants in Mexico! 


The Art of Eating

The Art of Eating magazine cover

Attention to all food and WINE lovers this is for you! This magazine is specifically dedicated to the link between the taste of food and wine and what makes good food good. The main theme is connoisseurship, choosing the right ingredients to create the ultimate dish and with that pairing it with the best wine. Exalting all possible flavors. Learn all the modern techniques based on a long tradition of Food and Beverage.  


The Runcible Spoon

The Runcible Spoon magazine cover

Different zines made from the collaboration of illustrators, storytellers, and artists that submit their pieces from all over the United States. They capture fantasy, pleasure and the playfulness of eating through imaginative stories. Find vibrant illustrations, collages and witty language that will keep you reading until the end.  


So here you have them the most varied F&B Magazine bunch that go beyond the food on your plate!