Keep ‘em rolling! It’s hard to ignore food or beverages that are right in front on you. Especially when it’s being made or presented before your eyes. The open kitchen restaurant trend has been around for awhile, followed by mixology and cocktail bars which have taken America by storm! There must be something that people find irresistible in live performance involving food and beverages. So, it’s no surprise to us that Tableside Carts are making a comeback in restaurants, bars, and hotels.


Mixology Bar Trend

The art or skill of preparing mixed drinks. The perfect way to incorporate the mixology trend in 2017 is to introduce your customers to a little tableside treatment. Service carts deliver a personalized experience to your guests and it’s a definite head turner. Tableside service carts can be equipped with spirits to prepare a variety of cocktails, fresh toppers such as sliced lemon, brown sugar, and olives, and of course its designated bartender aka mixologist!

Cocktail Tableside Cart

Open Kitchen On Wheels

This trend is the cousin of the mixology trend above. Create your own open kitchen at a smaller scale. Your chefs can use our service carts to thinly slice a carpaccio, add the final touches to any dish, or even add seasoning to a fresh Caesar salad. Millennials are known to drive the food service trends and they just love any type of entertainment involving food. Don’t be surprised if these end up in their Instagram or Snapchat stories!

Oh-So-Sweet Tableside Carts

We all feast with our eyes first. Showcasing your dessert selection on tableside carts will accomplish 2 things. First, it’s a great way to entice your customers to order something sweet! It’s harder to refuse a creme brulee or apple tart when it’s at arm’s length. Second, serving desserts beside your guests is an exquisite experience that will definitely elevate the scale of your business. Flaming banana with vanilla ice cream anyone?

Service Carts- Sweet Tableside Carts . Mogogo

Tea For Two?

What better way to wrap up a fantastic meal than with hot beverages delivered right to your table? Your waiters can use our service cart to serve your customers freshly brewed coffee, offer a selection of tea; the whole is served right beneath their eyes. This experience is all about sensorial stimulation; the smell of hot coffee, the sight of warm colors, perfect service and presentation. Add butter cookies or a dark chocolate for a sweet last detail.

Tea Coffee Tableside Cart

The tableside carts are making a comeback, and for a good reason. Beyond fresh delicious food, tailored service is what leaves a lasting impression on your clientele. In a fast paced society, your guests will feel so cared for when having a one-on-one experience with your chef, mixologist, or pastry chef. Bon appetit!