Most industries have a “busy” season, and in the hospitality it is in direct correlation with warmer temperatures. Part of the challenge is keeping up with the fast pace, staying on top of each task, and knowing how to properly manage your team. From April to September, event professionals are in survival mode; a big part of their success is organization skills and timing. Here are 6 event planning tips to take your party to the next level this summer.

Event Planning Tips


Recognize trends in the industry

Whether you are organizing corporate events, weddings or an epic Fourth of July party, nothing will stand out more than the thoughts put into creating a theme and atmosphere for your event. You want to stand out and bring something extra that people might not have seen before. Incorporating new food trends and event design trends is definitely a great way to keep your events looking fresh.

Event Planning Trends

Make a Secret Board on Pinterest

Pinterest has been the design inspiration weapon every event professional has been using. It is full of event planning tips. One of the best tools from Pinterest are the secret boards. Create a board for each event by searching for new pins or simply repinning the ones who’ve been collecting over the past few months. This will keep everything organized, and stop you from reproducing the same themes.


Get feedback from your Chef

Nothing can ruin your customers mood and time at a party more than disorganization when it comes to food and beverage. The best feedback you’ll ever get is directly from your Executive Chef. Easy to assemble to disassemble catering tables. Getting buffet tables that will eliminate crowded service line. Buffet stations with inductions heater, or incorporated ice bins are simply a lifesaver! Trust us your team will love these event planning tips.

Event Planning Summer 2017


Drop the linens

Just as the cocktail dresses are getting shorter during this season, Summer is the perfect time of the year to drop the linens. Linenless buffet stations can accommodate both classic and modern parties. Also, you’ll be saving on setup time for your event as well as saving tons of money in the process for dry clean. We’re not talking of a few hundred dollars, but thousands.

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Stay active on Social Media

You’ve worked hard to prepare and set up each event, so it would be a shame not to document everything! Take pictures before and after the guests arrive. Get into the new social media trends of taking videos; it’s a great way to communicate the atmosphere. Upload pictures directly from the night to keep your audience engaged. Also, don’t be shy to share behind the scenes on your SnapChat or Instagram story.


Download an app that will help you with the organization

Today, there are tons of apps or website services that will just make your life easier when it comes to organization, tasks, checklists and overall communication with your team. This might take you some time to learn how to best use it, but it will be such a time saver in the long run. Apps like asana, Trello or slack are great examples on how to keep everything in check.