In this new Interview Series, titled One on One, Mogogo met and conversed with Chef Olivier Carlos, Executive Pastry Chef at JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Nevada. From childhood memories to his personal ambitions, and his unique approach to excellence in service and quality, we were fascinated to discover all that goes on behind the scenes!


Chef Oliver Carlos

Delicious food on plate

What is your favorite childhood food memory?

My earliest memories of food goes back a long time. My parents took me to a farm for the summer school vacation when I was six years old with the knowledge that I would be lodged and fed there. I cried after they left and felt sad, but the lady farmer took me to the barn to milk the cow. That warm, foamy glass of milk is my first real memory of food and shaped the rest of my life.

Did it inspire you to become a chef?

It did not, at first my passion for food came later on. I also remember as a young child helping my mother and grandmother in our family dinner. Also, washing bottles for the wine that my father made from our small wineries in North Portugal ( Alvarinho Poema ). The wine and peeling potatoes to make a National Portuguese dish soup (Caldo Verde),even though I had French and Sicilian background from my mother´s side of the family, I Always liked multiple Ethnic foods. I began my formal culinary apprenticeship in 1989 at age 16 in the kitchens TRIANON PALACE – VERSAILLES France near  my hometown, Verrieres le Buisson

Going back as far as my memory can take me, I see a kitchen in the vision of my mother. What comes to mind first are the small fingerling potatoes, fresh out of the garden, with skin that would slide off when rubbed by your fingers. These potatoes were simply sautéed  served with Sautéed Rabbit with Morels and Pearl Onions.

How important is it for a pastry chef to be involved in design beyond the plate?

shinny galaxy looking desserts

I think there is a correlation between the acts of designing and cooking or baking that prompts practitioners of each to appreciate the other. The 

problem-solving process involved with the culinary arts, from beginning to end, bares undeniable similarities to that of design, both are important to understanding the design process of the plate and where the plate will be displayed to bring the food to the next levelThe round buffet tables are unique and  great to display all delicious foods. 

What have been your biggest challenges, and how does Mogogo help you solve them?

Our biggest challenge is to bring our customers a superior level of food display and help our staff to be more efficient at work. Integrating a better serving solution with a way to display food in a clean, natural way. I think Mogogo’s Modular Systems has designed a higher level of design.

Did switching to linenless buffet tables help you save money?

Yes , it creates a better flow in our serving line and increases our in house service scores.

linenless buffet tables

Describe your cooking philosophy in 3 words.

Body. Community. Planet

In the age of social media and the power of visuals, where do you find inspiration, and how does Mogogo enable your creativity?

In everyday life, Instagram. Mogogo brings me a cleaner vision and natural looks.

Original Desserts by Chef Olivier Carlos

What would you say to young chefs aspiring to become an executive chef in a large hotel like the Marriott?

Learn the basics first, be human, understand your market, be a good leader and teacher. cooking and baking is not enough; learn how to manage money, you are nothing without your team.

What is your dream in hospitality?

Become more famous, have my own baking show and make my family proud. To resume leave a legacy with my cookbook.

Voila !