Valentine’s Day is around the corner and a great display usually includes a lot of detail. From finding the right table size, to the table cloth, decorations, confetti, chocolates, roses, etc. Not only are you spending  a lot of time putting it together but it also involves a large budget in order to truly go all out. Despite this being a hate it or love it holiday, it is a great way to greet your guests with a colorful yet simply beautiful display that meets your budgetary goals and at the same time make everyone smile. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a subtle valentines day display without being completely over the top and expensive.

Here are 4 ways to maximize on a truly special display without having to cash out at the bank.


champagne display


1. Maximize your Existing F&B Furniture

Furniture is one of those things you spend quite heavily every couple of years. Regardless of how much use you give them every couple years you must either replace them from damage or simply up your look by getting new ones. But while acquiring new furniture, specially that designed for F&B, keep in mind getting durable, functional furniture that can easily be transported, put together and fits multiple events and venues. Many of these appliances include special buffet tables and rolling buffet carts.


dessert display on catering round table


But this task is much easier said than done of course, so first think of your needs as a hotel manager and F&B director for example what’s the size of your venue and if that varies how can you accommodate those changes in a smooth way. Acquiring furniture that is highly mobile yet looks solid is very important. You have to keep in mind that presenting guests with aesthetically pleasing displays is crucial to creating a memorable visit.


In this case for Valentine’s Day there are multiple creative configurations that can be put together with mobile F&B banquet tables. With one table and a couple add ons you can completely transform a static station into one that’s dynamic and eye catching. Adding dimension and building the curiosity is a huge plus when creating a display for such holiday. The rolling buffet carts are also highly mobile and have great add ons that look classy and elegant. Additionally, a round buffet table, in this case three stories tall makes for a great champagne and finger foods display.


champagne and finger food display



2. Minimize linens and invest more on decor

Once the investment in the furniture has been made usually the second largest investment is tapestry and linens in order to protect and dress up your furniture. How about getting appliances that eliminates having to do that? By completely dropping the linens and exposing the real material of your station you will not only save a lot of money but it will give your display a natural and unique look. Tablecloths are repeatedly getting dirty and its constant wash eventually causes them to lose their color and vitality imposing the need for new ones. Specially for events like Valentine’s Day where you would need to get a special set that fits the color scheme. So, just drop them and instead get some natural looking decorations that can be reused for other occasions. Create displays with flowers or candles, set the romantic mood.


A rolling buffet cart is also a magnificent way to step up your room service and these don’t require tapestry either! This elegant service cart that includes an ice bucket is perfect for champagne or a chilled white wine  and its cheese board can be used for a delicious dessert or chocolate covered strawberries. You can include Valentine’s Day specials for guests that care to celebrate it with their significant other.


rolling buffet cart with desserts


When it comes to decor and a day like Valentine’s where it’s all about love and friendship your creativity can go wild. Anything from flowers to balloons and all the small details in between. What about  a cookie decorating station using small portable buffet tables, that will definitely keep the youngsters entertained while the parents enjoy some refreshing drinks. 


pink and red cocktails


3. Put on a show instead of a motionless display

Chefs put a lot of effort into their creations but usually all that hard work stays behind the scenes. Using an action station allows your executive chefs to put on a show while giving a one of a kind culinary experience for your guests. For Valentine’s Day your pastry chefs can truly shine by showing off their talent. Anything from cookies, stuffed donuts that can be fried in that moment and even red velvet cupcakes and heart shaped macaroons. Let their creativity go free and just because it’s Valentine’s does not mean it needs to be restricted to dessert, how about some salty delicious creations that include reds and pinks.

If a station seems too big or your idea of a demonstration is smaller you can always use buffet tables for hotels which are smaller and easily assembled and disassembled or the rolling buffet cart. With its mixology add ons you can have multiple staff members participate. Your bartenders can have multiple wines perfect for the occasion or even have a Valentine’s inspired cocktail that they can create for the guest right there at their table. As managers you know that when it comes to service it’s all about quality and by inspiring authentic memories you do just that and more.


bartender using cart for demonstration


4. Make it your Dessert Food Station at your Buffet

No buffet can be complete without  dessert stations. Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with an astonishing and diverse dessert stand. You have to put your mind and kitchen to work in order to have unique tastes and creations. For Valentine’s Day chocolate fondue using the  induction station is perfect. Delight your guests with dark, milk and white chocolate fountains where they can dip fruits or marshmallows. And since your station is linenless remember? You won’t have to worry about spills or stains.  If your venue happens to be smaller or simply want to switch up your display you can use the rolling buffet carts and do smaller, spread displays. Each cart can contain a different dessert, on one you can have an assortment of tart desserts like berry panna cotta and apple rose tart; while in another one you can go full chocolate with Nutella mousse and fudge chocolate brownies. It’s your time to shine when it comes to taste and display!


sweet and tart desserts


So regardless if you are a fan of holidays like Valentine’s Day or not set your mind to creating simple yet beautiful displays that will leave a long lasting impact. Come up with creative setups and use subtle decorations that don’t require you to cash out at the bank. Keep in mind to get highly functional furniture that fits all your venues and remember the simpler the better; and of course, a little pink and red as well!