Hotels bring large quantities of people together and with the recent widespread of the coronavirus, it is vital to take steps towards protecting hotel rooms and public facilities, especially dining areas. Keeping the food preparation as sanitary as possible as well as its placement in the buffet and dining space has always been important but now, emphasizing extra attention will make your guests feel safe and comfortable. 

Food safety is a top priority in any hotel and resort; keeping quality and hygiene is crucial to a successful kitchen. Here are some steps that should always be reinforced  but now paid more attention to due to the coronavirus:

infographic coronavirus keeping food safe in hotels

This will give your guests a more trustful view of your dining halls and buffet areas. Also, reinforce between all staff members the importance of washing their hands frequently as well as avoiding touching any face area while serving or engaging with guests. 

Hanging throughout your hotel protective measures against the coronavirus will show your commitment to keeping them safe. It might also be a good idea to ensure guests that these are all preventive measures in order to contain the level of preoccupation and panic that could potentially arise in your facilities. Helping your guests to cope with stress and assuring them you are taking measures will also contribute to stability in your premises. 

People staying in your hotels will want to continue enjoying their stay and use all the facilities regardless of the coronavirus hazard so make sure you take steps to make them feel secure. It would not be a bad idea to have a doctor on the dial in case necessary but most important is giving the matter attention without going overboard.  

For more information visit the World Health Organization