More flavor, textures, and ways of making your cocktails pop involve trying on new ingredients. Some of these unconventional foods make unique and delicious ingredients for cocktails. With more popular drinks and famous bars trying to replace processed sugars and syrups with a more natural ingredient, it’s your time to try and incorporate some of these rather tasty than weird ingredients in your ultimate beverage creations. 


Little fungi in your drink? This apparently is used more than most think to give drinks more of an “earthy” flavor. Many times instead of using the actual mushroom there is dry vermouth that is infused with mushroom already but there are always bits of porcini mushrooms that are grinded and used to give the cocktail a bit more of a kick. Popularly mushrooms are used mostly in martinis but can be served with other vodka or gin-infused drinks as well. 

mushroom cocktail

Root Veggies

Everything from beet, ginger, carrots, radish and more have become staple ingredients in many popular signature cocktails. Everything from Moscow Mules, Sparkling Zingy drinks, Carrot Whiskey, etc. have become favorites of many. Trying to move away from syrups and processed sugars, now mixologists are finding fresh, healthy and natural alternatives to add flavor that being sweetness, bitterness, sourness, etc to cocktails by using root veggies. They are rich in flavor and very predominant which makes great additions for drinks. 

beet cocktail


A summer favorite for the freshness and lightly sweet flavor that does not overpower all other flavors in the cocktail. Peas are used in cocktails either muddled, pureed, glaced, or pebbled. With its versatility of form and spectrum of flavor, it can be paired with lots of spirits some of the favorites being gin and rum. Some popular cocktails include Mint Kombucha and Spring Pea Mojito. 

Pea cocktail


The trendy leafy superfood that is tasty in morning shakes and salads is also used in cocktails. Its healthy image and green color surprise many when used in a boozy atmosphere but kale’s strong and hard texture gives cocktails a delicious and refreshing twist. Best paired with tequila get your daily dose of Vitamin K by trying a “Margarita Verde” that is strong and very flavorful. 

kale cocktail

Bell peppers

Jalapenos and other spicy peppers have been quite popular and used regularly to spice up many cocktails but rarely do we consider the sweeter cousin that can add great flavor and color. Because of their different colors, those being orange, red, yellow and green many have used them depending on the season. On summer days the green is served more while in autumn the red, yellow and orange make a perfect debut. Some popular names include the Red Pepper Martini and a take on the original Bellini as well. 

bell pepper cocktail


Known to many only in sushi rolls this uniquely textured sheet of green is many times infused in drinks as well. Many popular food bloggers and bartenders have started to write and post different recipes and inventive new cocktails that have seaweed. Already known to be mixed with kombucha this bitter, dark-colored weed has taken off as a great martini drink, a special gin, and tonic with a kick of seaweed and even an infused seaweed scotch. 

seaweed cocktail

These 6 ingredients can be infused and used as finishing touches. You can try adding some of these to your pre-existing drink menu or creating completely new ones for a fresh addition to your more traditional options. Your guests will appreciate having the option to choose something out of the box and mix flavors that they have possibly never tried before. Make their experience one they will remember.