Follow us behind the scenes of Mogogo 2018 F&B Catalog!















Just like any event planning, the two-days Photo Shoot of our 2018 F&B catalog were carefully planned, rigorously organized, and plan-B were implemented when needed.

This is the first year that Mogogo is doing a curated photoshoot for its catalog. We learned so much from this back to back 12 hours days, and we thought to give you an exclusive behind the scenes access.


green inspiration

When designing the layout, Mogogo’s product designers wanted to deliver more than a simple catalog. Through this project, they aimed to inspire Chefs & F&B professionals everywhere by incorporating current trends in the industry.

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Bright colors, lots of greenery, open landscape

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 tropical passion

Mogogo F&B Catalog







After finding the perfect location, it was all about seeking the right people and being (super!) organized. With over 10,000 sq ft. of flexible event spaces, it offered a wide variety of backdrop settings with floor to ceiling windows providing us with great natural light.

beautiful location, great natural light, appetizing food

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For our team, this was a design opportunity to redefine the meaning and purpose of the F&B catalog. It wasn’t just about showcasing our products in a beautiful setting – but also to transport F&B professionals to new culinary and events territories through a tropical story telling!


Our F&B Catalog behind the scenes Pictures!

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We hope that the dedication and passion to curate an authentic theme will translate well to the printed copy. Today, the F&B catalog serves primarily a technical and informational purpose for clients; if the design is right, we believe it could be a great book table as well.

Something to energize our clients, colorful pages where they can escape, or simply a quiet place to seek inspiration for their events.


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cooking with Mogogo

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Yariv’s Mini Mediterranean Bites:


Fresh baked breads in buns and thin baguette

Red, Yellow, Orange mini peppers thinly sliced

Fresh lettuce leaves

Dijon Mustard

Fetta, sliced

Olive Oil, extra virgin cold pressed

Cherry tomatoes


Start by slicing your bread spared a nice layer of mustard, then feta, lettuce, thin slices of peppers then put some Olive Oil.

Mogogo’s tip: This dish goes perfectly with a cold glass of Chardonnay – perfect combo for Happy Hour ;)