When exploring a new approach to food inspiration or event set-up, Chefs and Foodservice directors around the world often look into other fields for inspiration. Art, Design, Architecture and even Fashion offer a rich digital library to draw from.

Catalyzed by the birth of the internet and social media, a Multidisciplinary approach to design has been a popular way to redefine solutions outside the rigorous boundaries of one’s field. And there is no reason why the Foodservice industry wouldn’t be part of it.

This month, Mogogo is taking you on a food inspiration journey through Amsterdam – which is home to minimalist, experimental and innovative design.


Amsterdam food inspiration street markets

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Amsterdam is home to several flea markets, farmer’s markets, and many that are somewhere in between. We visited the Albert Cuyp Markt, which has been operating since 1905. It’s a one stop shop for meat, fish, fresh vegetables… and a great spot to grab an authentic stroopwafel! The stroopwafel is probably one of the most famous pastry from the Netherlands; a waffle sliced horizontally and filled with special sweet and sticky syrup in the middle.

Another not-to-be-missed delicacy is raw herring, a local traditional dish for over 600 years. Served alone with salt or between a bun with pickles and onions, this dish is definitely different – but don’t judge it until you try it yourself. It’s rich in nutrients and fat – and it known as a cure to a hangover in Holland!


food inspiration through stands

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Part of traveling is being adventurous and walk around the city without a specific itinerary to follow. While exploring the architecturally diverse yet small city of Amsterdam, we came across a few food stands that caught our eye.

Dutch design is known to be simple yet powerful. We were pleasantly surprised to see minimalist and linenless stations, reminiscent of the design culture here at Mogogo. Check the design similarities with the CliX collection and tell us if you agree!

The lack of heavy linens frees the eye of visual surplus; allowing the focus to be on the display itself, whether it is delicious pastries at a local coffee shop or a salami stand at a supermarket!


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images courtesy of moooi & droog Instagram gallery

Amsterdam is the Art and Design capital of the Netherlands. Nowhere else in the country can one find as many art galleries, museums, and exhibition centers. Afterall – it is the home of Van Gogh, furniture designer Gerrit Rietveld as well as star-architect Rem Koolhaas. Koolhaas is widely regarded as one of the most important architectural thinkers/theorists and urbanists of his generation.

This rich cultural heritage has influenced today’s Dutch designers from every field, whose work is recognized worldwide for pushing the envelope forward in terms of innovation. A few of their most famous design brand and contemporary concept stores are Moooi Gallery & Droog Design, which we had the pleasure to visit.

We noticed a common language used in terms of finishes; from hardware to furniture and accessories. This trend of using new finishes such as matte gold, rose gold brass or matte black is slowly making its way into F&B spaces as well. Stepping outside of our box has given us a fresh perspective in future trends and we hope to add new finishes options to the Mogogo ever growing collection.


cooking with Mogogo

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Broodje Haring With a Mediterranean Twist


  • Raw herring
  • Red onion, diced or sliced thinly
  • Pickles
  • Baguette bread
  • Butter
  • Chile
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Lemon

Start with a Baguette bread (nice and crispy) spared lots of butter, then raw herring, and red onion, thin slices of chilly then squeeze some cherry tomatoes and lemon juice. (And pickle on the side).

Mogogo’s tip: This dish goes perfectly with a shot of vodka and a lemon zest inside ;)