Street foodservice trends has exploded through the exposure of Social media. It has been playing a considerable influence on setting new standards. Chefs, event professionals and F&B directors need to stay relevant and offer a unique experience to their guests. But how do you keep up with all of these new trends while staying authentic to yours values?

Our trip to Vietnam gave us some perspective on the subject: it’s all about finding the perfect balance. Ho Chi Minh is a city of rich culinary tradition; chefs design their menu as a hybrid of authentic dishes and modern innovation.

Here at Mogogo, we’ve learned how to accommodate both worlds too. It starts with providing a versatile product; with clean lines and organic elements such as our bamboo panels it’s quite easy to go from a modern event in the afternoon to a more classic look in the evening.

Keep the core basic and create different atmospheres and themes depending on your choice of accessories, food displays and the integration of street foodservice trends at your event planning.

Vibrant Street Foodservice Trends in Saigon

foodservice trends    Food Stations Vietnam

Street foodservice trends is definitely a strong part of Ho Chi Minh (commonly known as Saigon) cultural and culinary identity, and it’s quite an experience for both locals and tourists. We find it a bit reminiscent of the traditional open french market. No surprise there, as Vietnam was once a French colony until the 1950’s. Its diverse culinary history and cultures has greatly influenced what we know today as the modern Vietnamese cuisine. And of course, it is what makes Saigon such a unique city to visit!

Everything is Old and New Again

Street foodservice trends    Street foodservice trends

Open Food Stations, whether found in hotel buffets or on the streets, have been around for centuries. It’s a classic ready-made food presentation; it has an integral cultural value in the food culture in Vietnam. And this so-called street foodservice trend is blooming again.

We were so inspired by this wooden boat; the type that you would see meandering along the Saigon river. 
Chefs use it to serve the buffet as well as the main design focal point of the dining space. The linenless look of this oversize object gives the room a modern twist. While the Vietnamese baskets, used to display fruits and vegetables, tie the old with the new seamlessly.

Foodservice Trends, Design & Architecture

Food Architecture Tradition Vietnam    Food Architecture Tradition Vietnam

Though their relationship is somewhat invisible to the eye; they should echo one another. 
The Myst Dong Khoi Resort in Saigon applies this rule beautifully. The architecture of the building isn’t treated as an independent object. Quite to the contrary, it is deeply part of the urban fabric of the city.
This concept is very well integrated to the interior design of the resort, and finally translates organically to the dining decor, menu and presentation.
In our opinion, the perfect balance of the old and the new is an integral part of providing an exquisite dining experience. As their philosophy states, we “Step into the Soul of Saigon”.

Spring Roll Recipe

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Vietnamese Spring Rolls








It was quite an unanimous decision to bring back a bit to Vietnam with us. Our team decided to venture and make fresh Spring Rolls ourselves : ) It was so easy and fun that we decided to share this recipe!