With every Mogogo collection, we try to cover all grounds including aesthetics and functionality but we also think about how to make your life easier and more practical. Every Mogogo buffet table is unique in the sense that its assembly and disassembly are quite simple, so the question arises on how to transport it across the property, where to store it and how to keep everything intact. Mogogo goes beyond your buffet solutions and provides storage solutions too. 

transfer and storage cart

Each collection has its own storage and transfer carts which allows you to keep all the parts and pieces in one place. We know that in hotels distance between serving areas can be long and storage space is premium so we want to make sure that you optimize yours in the best way possible.

storage room in hotel

Mogogo offers 4 different storage and transfer carts that give the complete solution for all Mogogo collections. All with sturdy structures and heavy-duty casters which makes them easy to navigate. All are covered with a dipped vinyl for protection in all the needed areas to prevent any scratches or damage to the parts when moved or stored. 

orange vinyl storage cart

For the Modular Collection, we have the Large Plate Transfer and Storage Cart which fits up to 18 of both Classic and Creative panels. Although large in size, the double-sided easy-grip handles make it ideal to navigate halls, get in and out of elevators, etc. together with the Segments and Add-ons Transfer and Storage Cart which keeps all leg parts, casters, signpost poles, arch, etc. you get the full transportation and storage solution for your modular buffet units, all protected and in one place. 

modular storage and transfer cart render

Our Clix Collection can be all stored and transported easily, using   2 special designed carts: the Panel Cart and the Leg Transfer and Storage Cart. The first one can fit up to 16 folded Clix bases. This ensures to keep all your bases together while keeping them secure. The Round/ Square top Transfer and Storage Cart for the Clix collection also have its unique set of advantages. It can fit up to 16 panels and its highly space-efficient, as it builds up vertically which saves you space and keeps the Clix mechanism intact. 

clix render of storage and transfer carts

This cart is easy to manipulate and use so a person on its own can place and take out panels as needed. Its easy navigation is ideal for one person to maneuver. Coming soon there will be an add-on for the segment cart that holds the Clix bottom shelves. This will allow for them to be placed and carefully arranged.  It’s a big boost on productivity as it will make your time-sensitive events get set up at a speedier rate. 

At Mogogo we think of how to make your F&B productions a success. For that reason, we like to accommodate our products to be a solution to all of your buffet needs. The transfer and storage carts provide you with an easy way to keep all your Mogogo products together, intact and with easy mobility when they are needed.