Preparing the culinary theme and decor for your Cinco De Mayo Buffet Stations is the ideal time to put your best creative foot forward. Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for the “fifth of May”, is a celebration of the Mexican heritage. It is not only one a national holiday, but it is also one of the most anticipated day of the year across the country. As it is right around the corner, Chefs, F&B Managers and Directors are getting ready to offer their guests a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Bringing out colorful decor, preparing authentic food and setting the overall venue with unique and unexpected food presentations. Here are the 5 Must-Haves food and buffet stations for your Cinco de Mayo events!

Cinco De Mayo Buffet Stations

Make your own Taco or Burrito Buffet Station this Cinco De Mayo

Mexican food is colorful and full of flavors. A build-your-own taco or burrito bar is a great choice to create an interactive guests experience at your Cinco de Mayo event. It is also a creative way to accommodate guests with a variety of dietary needs – vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free are among the popular options expected by customers. Having your Chefs prepare the food in front of guests is ideal to enhance your guests culinary experience. People love to watch Chefs cook in front of them; this is the ultimate way to make them feel included in the process. We recommend pairing a variety of action stations with a panel, such as our SignPost, to indicate to customers what they should expect and guide them navigate your event easier. Take the advantage of displaying all ingredient in front of them as well on higher or side shelves, to help them make the most out of your Make Your Own Taco or Burrito Bar!

Guacamole & Tortilla Chips Delivery

Guacamole & Tortilla food station

Whether you are hosting a Cinco De Mayo event in a local restaurant or a large hotel venue, including smaller & mobile food stations is an easy way to deliver authentic service. In fact, offering a Guacamole and Tortilla Chips mini station across the space is perfect to help reduce long queues during large events. If your Cinco de Mayo event is at a smaller restaurant or venue, add a service cart to offer a unique tableside service to your guests.

Margarita Bar Interactive Display

Margarita Bar Stations for Cinco de Mayo

It wouldn’t be a true Cinco de Mayo party without a Margarita Bar! Whether you stick to authentic margarita recipes or add your own multi-favored options, make sure that you offer multiple Margarita Bar stations across your venue. Having a back bar, will give your bartenders extra space to store and display alcohol and all the ingredients to make the ultimate custom drinks. Once more, using a SignPost with your top mixology drinks will help guests be inspired by your menu and will save time for your bartenders as well. A great way to enhance your guests experience is also to have bartenders present guests with a special “secret menu” for the top margarita connoisseurs!

Take A Tequila Shot and Go Bar Station

Self-serving- F&B Banquet Stations . Mogogo

Spreading around your catering venue smaller bar and food stations is also a must have for your Cinco de Mayo event. Self-serving stations are an important component to any event; it is an easy way to spread around the crowd and avoid having your guests stand in long queues. Setting up your station with both finger foods such as mini tacos, nachos, or shrimps cocktails as well as ready-to-go tequila shots is ideal for customers looking for faster service. We recommend our Multi Self Classic Station or Snake Station for larger venues or our service carts for local restaurants.

Made to Order Quesadillas Bar

Quesadillas Bar

Last but not least, your guests will be happy to see food stations offering a variety of Quesadillas options. From the classic cheese quesadillas to shrimp or pico de gallo, you can be sure that this will be one of the most popular food stations during your Cinco de Mayo event. Here, display and functionality is key; our cooking and warming stations always enhance the guests user-experience in an elegant way. Pairing it with smaller stations on each sides for extra storage space for your fresh produce, make sure to also add a canopy or an arch for extra customization!