Our Full-Round Station is the core of the Creative collection, allowing for two servers or chefs to control the work-space of four people, reducing the staff needs for the station. Guests typically shy away from long, straight lines or become discouraged. The Full Round Station provides the solution of walking around the circular station, eliminating the visual effect of the straight line and functionally also serving them faster due to an efficient work-space. Selecting the Round Station for your event can also be a strategic decision in addition to a visual one. For instance, a rounded table can provide a smoother flow when placed in the center of a room, as opposed to a rectangular shaped unit which would fit ideally up against a wall.

  • round station
  • round station creative
  • round station creative
  • round station creative


Dimensions:  Ø81.5” H35” | Ø207cm H88.5cm

Panel finishes available: High Density Bamboo* / Grey Slate BHP / Nero Marquina Marble BHP / and Bengali Mango Wood BHP.

pattern-2 hpl slate HPL Nero Marquina Marble hpl Mango Wood Finish




*High Density Bamboo finish only available in certain territories

Segment finishes available: Brushed Stainless Steel / Brushed Brass

Stainless Steel brass



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