Mogogo Elongated Classic Station is ideal for larger banquets. Composed two smaller units, and our heavy duty Casters Add-ons, it gives you the ease of high mobility. Roll this buffet station in and out of your kitchen space or from one venue to another, with little efforts. Accessorized with four floating shelves, it gives your Event Coordinators more space to display extra glasses, plates or any creative display.

As a fundamental functional element to any F&B operation, we believe Buffet Stations no longer need to be hidden under heavy linens nor lifted by your staff.

  • elongated buffet
  • elongated buffet
  • elongated buffet

Dimensions: L161’’ W29.5’’ H47’’ | L409cm W75cm H120cm

Item#: CP201

Materials: Woven Bamboo Plate, Brushed Stainless Steel.

Item#: CP201BR

Materials: High Density Bamboo Panels, Brushed Brass.

pattern-2 Stainless Steel brass

side display station